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  1. Team Group are the creatora of T-Force I believe, don't know much about them myself but I've heard people speak highly of them before. I'm fairly certain her BIOS is up to date but I could be wrong so I'll ask her tomorrow and let you know
  2. Yeah everything is up to date, she did some updates today aswell so yeah everything is 100 percent good, genuinely have absolutely no idea what could be causing these issues, do you think it could be the motherboard or ram?
  3. Uh I believe her dad at first clocked her ram at 2933 and was probably like that for a year or so until my girlfriend accidentally changed it by mistake and we only found that out today so it was probably clocked at 2400 for like 1.5 years and is now back at 2933 and her ram kits 3000mhz
  4. It's been stable for 2.5 years and only recently, as of a week or two ago it began becoming unstable...
  5. She already has switched her PSU out, her previous PSU was a 650W and she assumed that was the problem and got a brand new 700W PSU but it was still doing the random powering off and as for the ram, before today it was orignally running at 2400MHz but as of I'd say like 8 hours ago its now running at 2933MHz.
  6. Forgot to mention, after a while of the PC being on and tabbing in and out to check messages for example, the PC eventually stops allowing her to tab out completely and has to force open task manager or restart the PC.
  7. Hi guys, As of I'd say a couple of weeks ago my girlfriends PC has been having some issues and the main one being the PC just randomly shutting off whenever she'd tab out of her games and the second one being some fps issues or not being able to turn music off and the PC running kind of sluggish... she got a new 700W PSU but the next day it still did the same thing and shut itself off, I made the suggestion to reseat the ram and switch the sticks around because I'm pretty sure that ram can be the reasoning for a PC shutting off by itself (not 100percent on that so correct me if I'm wrong) a
  8. Yeah I know they are water coolers, thats what I want an aio water cooler but im not sure which one is better
  9. I need help, I can't decide which one to get because I don't know which is better out of the two AIO's NZXT Kraken x73 or Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT I need to know which has better fans, which is good even with third party fans for example I read that NZXT Krakens don't go well with aer fans... dk if its true but I just cant decide, I heard the H150i is a great AIO but yeah please help Thanks in advance