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  1. Hey everyone I am looking for a new laptop for doing photo editing using Lightroom and photoshop currently I use a surface pro with 4gb of ram and a i5 7300u it is alright but definitely struggles at times and is annoying to work on the screen is good at least. What I need from the laptop is for it to easily be able to run whatever I want keeping in mind that may at times want to have other things open in the background as well ads photoshop and Lightroom. It needs to have a good colour accurate screen and have decent battery life as I will be using it daily any suggestions is greatly apprec
  2. Yeah that sounds right thanks for all of your help though means a lot
  3. Hello everyone sorry for the late reply. Thew update is after hoping through all of the steps the GPU worked great for a week and has died again. Here is the image
  4. No unfortunately it is using Rx 580 and worst yet iv'e only had the thing for a year and it is out of warranty
  5. Hey i tried everything that you said but still runs very poorly i think it might be screwed
  6. No it happens on other games as well unfortunately. And the temperatures are fine. And with the fans I have a air compressor and I cleaned everything in the PC it is all clean. I have noticed tho that the card doesn't get very loud and the core clock seems to be all over the place
  7. Yes I have and it still runs really bad
  8. Hello everyone i am new here but have a big problem with my pc my computer which has a i5 4460 and a Rx 580 was running fine i was playing overwatch with absolutely no issues and running at a smooth 150fps but then all of a sudden my game has been running really poorly with performance super stuttery and hovering around the 25fps mark i have no idea what happened and it is really annoying if anyone has any ideas of hoe to ix this it would be greatly appreciated steps i have done so far to try and resolve the problem is unninstalled drivers and reinstalled, updated bios, cleaned my whole pc and