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  1. "there are so many things that can go wrong" "just get a prebuilt one [he suggested the new Alienware]" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. I'd love to be more constructive here but it seems everyone else has covered things quite thoroughly. I just couldn't get past this part.
  2. I've come to really hate the term overheating. It's gotten to the point people use it as a blanket term for anything that goes wrong with their computer. Got a BSOD? It's overheating The fans turned on? It's overheating Got a minor graphical glitch that was probably driver related? It's overheating Getting 5 fps cause you're trying to run Cyberpunk maxed out on your "Gaming" laptop? It's overheating The exhaust vent that is supposed to exhaust warm air is exhausting warm air? It's overheating
  3. Crucial MX500's are pretty good. I have two of them as extra storage. https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-MX500-NAND-SATA-Internal/dp/B077SF8KMG
  4. There's evidence that suggest it includes the Platinum additions. There's a particular NPC that only appears in Platinum that people spotted in the trailer as well as Porygon Z being shown which wasn't in DP but was in Platinum.
  5. Oh yea that we can agree on. I don't even remember half of the SwSh story to be honest, but again that's not why I play Pokemon so it never really bothered me. It would be nice if they put more effort into that aspect of it though, can totally agree there. They could really take it to the next level with a sprinkle of voice acting (pretty sure this will never happen in Pokemon, but yea), and a much deeper story that encourages the player to discover and dive into the lore of the region. As far as gameplay I'm never sure what to make of what people mean by this. I felt it was fine i
  6. And those are old numbers, it's above 20 mil now. NatDexers and people talking about tree textures and reused models can't seem to realize most people just really don't care that much. Me personally, I just want to collect and battle monsters lol. Shiny hunting and the competitive scene have been enough to get me to put a looooootttt of hours into this game.
  7. People still playing TemTem? That game had sooo much hype for a couple months, all the Pokemon streamers were playing it. Then I just never heard anything about it again lol. I never played it so can't really comment on why it fell off so hard. It looked really cool and fun though.
  8. I'm pretty excited. They can make it in whatever art style they want as long as there's shiny hunting. AS someone who stopped playing after Emerald (never owned a DS) and picked it back up with Let's Go and SwSh, it's pretty fitting the next game picks up where I left off lol. Way more excited for the Legend game though. If it's truly open world I hope they nail it. I think that's been every Pokemon fans dream. SwSh set the foundations for it with the Wild Area now they just need to expand on that and make it a more immersive experience.
  9. Check out Equalizer APO. Or the Peace Equalizer APO if you prefer a GUI.
  10. People mad that a game system plays games. What a time to be alive...
  11. Oh sorry, I figured it was common knowledge among BotW fans lol. Genshin Impact is one of those weeb gacha games that people call a rip off of BotW cause it has a very similar art style, assets, combat, gameplay, etc. Unless you're talking about the Kappa emote thing. That's an emote on Twitch that's usually used to denote a joke or troll comment, similar to /s I guess?
  12. I believe what you're actually looking for is Genshin Impact We really need a Kappa emote here lol
  13. Somewhat related but somewhat off topic, I just received my 58x Jubilees yesterday (ordered them at the beginning of January, knew it would take a while because of how Drop operates but man that was a long wait). Anyways, I really only came to personally apologize to any audiophiles in here for all of the times that I literally rolled my eyes at them. These headphones are the best thing I've ever listened to in my life. I thought my home theater setup was good but my god, I was wrong for sure. And these aren't even anywhere close to the top end. I'm sure diminishing returns kicks in pretty qui
  14. Yea, working in repair HDD's used to be the most common failure, but since SSD's became more common storage replacement has become one of the least common repairs (those stupid piece of garbage intel optane combo drives are the exception). I'd say most common are fans, then batteries, and even LCD panel failure is more common (even if we only count natural failure and exclude cracked screens and other physical damage). Of course though THE most common "failure" is people who buy a $2000 piece of electronic and use them as coasters. They then proceed to cuss you out and say y
  15. So if you choose desktop I wonder if it only locks you out of the mobile app. Would it still be possible to login via requesting the desktop site on mobile and accessing your vault that way?
  16. As someone who works laptop repair, I would be willing to pay them to keep this thing a prototype
  17. Assuming Intel works closely with Microsoft the Windows scheduler should take care of this. But we see how long it took them to get scheduling working properly with Ryzen, so yea.
  18. All of the earlier teases for it show it with an IHS. Doesn't answer your question on whether it requires the IHS or not, but it does have one.
  19. God this especially. As someone who works in repair, this is THE worst. True story, replaced a cracked screen one time (literally pop the bezel off that's held on with clips, 4 screws, screen out, new screen in, screws, bezel back on, done). Customer comes back a MONTH later, problem description "It no longer powers on after being serviced here!". Do my usual diagnostics to rule some things out, finally pop the bottom off - completely corroded, liquid damage everywhere. But it's somehow my fault cause I replaced the screen a month ago LOL.
  20. According to the WAN show last week, the best pickup line is 'I only use iMessage". Drops the panties 100% of the time, allegedly.