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  1. vsync off makes no difference. I've looked through all the settings in every game and turned off anything fps limit related. my friends don't have limits in the same games
  2. Nothing wrong with a 212, especially for mid range cpus like the 3600
  3. I mean 60c isn't exactly good for idle so flashing the BIOS probably just fixed that problem. But definitely upgrade your cooler though.
  4. Hi. All of my games are limited to my 144FPS refresh rate although I never set a limit. In Nvidia control panel I have turned off v-sync and fps cap. I am using the MSI G241 Monitor. Help is appreciated, thanks. Specs: Ryzen 7 3700X (Stock cooler) EVGA FTW GTX 1070 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3600MHz CL18 MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus WD_Black SN750 500GB SSD (C:) 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD EVGA B5 650W 80+ Bronze Modular PSU Musetex Phantom 903-D6 Case Killer WiFi Card
  5. As the title says, I'm getting concerningly high voltages on my new 3700x while downloading games. While playing a game the most I ever reach is 1.38v but whenever I download a game or large file the voltage and temps start going crazy. Below is a screenshot from RM while downloading CS:GO. I'm confused because Some people say its normal some say its too much. But one thing for sure I haven't seen anyone have this problem whilst downloading something. In BIOS I have adjusted fan curves, disabled PBO, and enabled XMP. Please help. Thanks Here are my specs: Ryzen 7 3700X (Stock c
  6. Alright I did what you said and now with CPB set to auto I'm getting idle temps in the low 50s. Voltage is now upwards of 1.3v. Thinking it's better to just leave it off
  7. Got it. Last question, since disabling both cpb and pbo I've been running at 3.58GHz at ALL times. Idle or under load. Is this something I should worry about? Or should I just re-enable CPB and hope clocks fluctuate like normal.
  8. Just bought a 3700x and I was getting idle temps of around 45-60 in my new system. max 80 under load. I turned off CPB and PBO in bios and now im getting idles in the low 40s. Still not ideal but much better than 50. I was wondering if it's safe to leave these features off and if its going to hinder me in any way. What am I losing? How can I fix temps with them on? Voltages without CPB and PBO are 1.005 dipping under 1 at idle. I am using stock cooler with room temps of 22c
  9. Yeah like @Coolmaster said follow RTXBot on twitter and whenever they post you will be notified and sent the link to buy the card.
  10. Why not go for a 3070 or at least a 2070 if you have such beastly components?
  11. I see. Thank you I feel better knowing what the problem was.
  12. This is what the it looks like. The chipped cap stands out most to me though i don’t know what it is. Also, when I boot i cannot do anything let alone update drivers