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  1. no vpn, booted in safemode aswell and no luck. on speedtest.net i get around 500, while other computers easily hit 900
  2. speedtest.net, google speed test only hits like 30mbs weirdly enough. i've tried using other browsers aswell, and steam only peaks at like 35
  3. Ive already tried forcing it to a gig in the settings and still hasn't changed anything.
  4. I've been update the drivers, even the drivers of the adapter i bought. It's suppose to be blinking yellow for 1000 but it's only blinking green for 100+
  5. Every other computer in my house can hit a gig but mines cant. i've used different ethernet cords, connecting straight to the router, even going as far as buying a dedicated lan card to see if it was my built in lan port. same issue, not sure what can be causing it. please help? ASUS B450-F Ryzen 7 1700x 16gbs of corsair vengeance ram M.2 SAMSUNG 512gbs RX 5700 XT 750 W psu