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  1. Is there a specific linux distribution I should use to run ddrescue or does it not matter.
  2. I have a little over 1Tb of data on my 3tb and on my 8tb I have over 6tb of free space so plenty. So I should make an image of the 3TB? What program should I used to make the image and then mount and retrieve files from, thank you so much for your help
  3. Is there a way to restore the image to my 8tb drive without having to wipe the data I have on it already?
  4. Im very confidante it is the drive failing, its an internal drive and its pretty old, extremely slow transfers, brings the whole computer to a grinding halt when plugged in, missing files, and crashes.
  5. How should I transfer it? I am fearful a copy and paste of that size might just finsih the drive off as its already on its way out the door?
  6. What is the best way to transfer data from my 3tb hard drive that is failing to my 8tb without having to format the drive since I already have data on it