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Everything posted by iamkirigiver

  1. mans we all waiting on the forum for that reason ;-;
  2. I agree! But 2080s might be in high demand now because of the 30 series, that's because people are so focused on the 30 series that the smart people will buy the 2080 (super, ti, normal) now because there are probably 2080s selling for dirt cheap on ebay or smtn
  3. jeeez ik i'm not gonna win but there is a little voice inside thats says I am anyways, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF U CUTIES!!!
  4. Bro u have to finish before midnight tho
  5. You can edit the video description if you need to
  6. Well part of it (like 1 second) of it was filming my crappy laptop but yea I did do all of that thank you for the self esteem (but I had to edit on iMovie lol)
  7. Bro urs is so much better than mine ;-; I hope u win (mine is a cringy rap vid)
  8. I made a mistake on my rogrigreboot2020 video, is there any way I can fix it or make a separate video perhaps?
  9. Possibly white? like the RTX founders editions I really love those. One under around 250? max 270 yeas