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Everything posted by iamkirigiver

  1. I agree but I also thought that it was a fun experience, and gave me smtn to do after school
  2. I mean I agree a lot and I did a rap vid bcuz I wanted to put in at least some effort.
  3. Dang I'm so impatient so i rlly want them to chose fast
  4. like 5hrs and 10 mins when they're chosen
  5. Yea I'm also having a good laugh too (also what are you on? I'm on a school laptop with intel core 2 duo 4 ggs of ram integrated graphics)
  6. Well I'm just watching the rig reboots and crying like this 13 yr old I am.
  7. Thank you, thats the mediocre praise I deserve Thank You!!
  8. Linus reading us supporting each other back and forth be like: ;-;
  9. Of course man! Always here to support.
  10. Bold of you to think I would win... hehehe
  11. To be honest, I love it! It really shows how hard you worked on this. I like the background sounds of the phone calls and office stuff, and I liked how you added the adobe crash at the end I laughed when I heard about the 5% being unidentifiable because I can relate to that a lot. I give my regards.
  12. yea well I would like to hope that im in the top 10% im really hoping to at least get honorable mention.
  13. Bro u guys' support is unreal bcuz all my friends said it was trash i'm crying from happiness rn
  14. ur going to be disappointed then with my vid
  15. ok... its a cringy rap vid don't flame me );
  16. lol I'm watching all the ROG rig reboots and crying ._.