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    i3 4005u 1.7ghz
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    broken..use external monitor(viewsonic va1903a)
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  1. nothing else besides this bundle s what do you think about it?
  2. i want to ask if this offer worth it or not? espesially the card price in this bundle gtx 1060 in this bundle its about 180 dollars if my math correct...others is 300 dollars and above for 3 gb model!!!! soo what fo you say about an offer like this considering the prices are very high in the market for the prices in my country its a good deal
  3. Hi guys I have two options in front of me to start building the pc 1-buy a used 3700x from Ali Express from a trusted store with high rating...230$ Or buy a high-end B550 motherboard like B550 tomahawk or gaming edge..170 to 180$ I'm confused now I want to hear your opinion down below! which part should i start with Will the motherboard support the upcoming processors from Ryzen?... tech News says it will be on ddr5 ram
  4. now i have a shitty laptop i3 4005u 4gb ram ddr3 1600mhz sigle channel hdd 500gb 5400rpm I'm learning how to edit videos on this bad, slow laptop I made an edit for Counter Strike 1.6, because this is the only game that i can play smothly while recording. but I am suffering a lot because the editing app (which is movavi video editor...it's a basic app for low end pc) is very slow and the timeline on it is also very slow so I struggle to see the effects that I do on the video itself not just in editing I am collecting money to buy a pc build and I am
  5. on the tabletop?? it will looks a little bit sketchy and feel also sketchy
  6. thanks for all your help i appreciate you you can also check my other post about the tabletop color from here
  7. yeah and also it picks up dirt quickly and shows more on it not like the mate black or brown
  8. maybe i will not put a speakers in the top of the table so it will fit the monitors with the case without problem thanks for your comment
  9. i want to make a table with my personal dimentions i choosed:160cm to 170cm width.....80cm depth.....76cm to 80cm height) and i want to make it 99% with the shape of ikea tables (alex...linnmon) like this one in the photo below but we don't have ikea here in algeria so i will gonna make it on a tables maker but with the same shape of the ikea one the same drawers as well as the table top but without the leg in the middle of the table but i am just confused about the color of the tabletop... do i make it white or brown or brown with wood signs on it or make it
  10. so you have a 140cm table and it fit the monitor with the case if you put it above the desk so a 160 or 170cm table will fit the case with a dual montior thanks for your help
  11. i was thinking of buying a new table with my own personal dimentions so i was confused with the width of the table do i make the table with 140 cm....160cm....180 cm or 200cm?? note:(1 inch= 2.54 cm) is the table will fit the pc and the dual monitors???? is it will fit with an ultrawide monitor and pc?? you know what i mean all these questions are in my mind now so i'm very confused anyone can help me decide which width i will choose for the table the depth and the height is easy (depth:80cm...height:78 to 80cm) or tell
  12. yes it's enoygh but if you want to make an upgrade in the future for example the gpu take a 650w power supply it should be also enough the storage i reccomend also take a 1tb or 2gb hdd take the seagate baracuda (1 or 2 tb) 7200rpm and put on it your games and other files believe me 500gb is not enough the motherboard you can get an b450 tomahawk max it's a really good motherboard for a good price and that's it other components is good
  13. the review on it all is very good and i recommend the seller etc.... and the 1star review is not a fake ssd it's not receiving the product so what do you think about it???