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  1. Yeah it is working fine as far as i know. I'm not sure what the deal is with people who saying it does not work, but i understand there must be a reason why manufacters sell kits. What i did do was making sure the part number i bought was marked as compatible in the motherboard page, there were some part numbers of that same RAM model that were not listed as compatible (as i understand not being listed means the manufacturer did not test if it works well, but it could work but they dont guarantee it).
  2. I did get the exact same model, no issues so far and the XMP profile seems to be working fine.
  3. Thanks for all the answers and the help, the only thing that was missing was a cpu cooler suggestion (although i get the budget for that was too small) i will deal with it in the future if heat becomes a problem. PC is built and working perfectly.
  4. Well Crunchyroll does allow you to enforce a resolution (at least on desktop and android, i have not tested with other devices) although if your connection is too slow it may interrupt the video. Yeah i also wish Netflix allowed that too. Regading the youtube channel, i also don't see it changing much outside of Japan considering licenses. Personally i rarely re-watch content older than 5 years and am mostly looking to watch the more recent releases. On a side note, it will be nice to be able to watch anime at faster or slower reproduction speed thanks to youtube's feat
  5. Thanks for info, it will take a couple more weeks until all parts arrive so i can actually confirm if there was an issue or not. I did make sure to get the exact same model and also made sure the model is compatible with the B550 Tomahawk according to the motherboard's list of compatibility for RAMs. Now the only thing missing is potentially an cpu cooler, i wonder how well the stock cooler will perform, the case seems to have good airflow. I did do some research and most articles and videos i found say an aftermarket cooler is better, specially for overclock, i did find some saying you can be
  6. I could only find dual kits of 2666Hz 8GB, could not find for 3200Hz. Does you or someone know how big of impact it is using multiple single rams vs dual kits?
  7. The 3600XT has bad value then? Between them it was a ARS$8000 (about USD$53) difference, the benchmarks i could find made it look like it was much better than the 3600. The only reason i didn't go with AMD GPU was because of NVENC for OBS, with a 3600 i could have gotten an RX5700 ($54990) for sure, an RX5700XT would be out of the budget. Thanks for the thoughts on the NVME SSD. Would a 550w be enough for a 2060 or RX5600? I could only get my hand on an 850w one which is even more, but i wanted a 750w to make sure i could upgrade the GPU later if needed. the other options
  8. Hey there, this is my first post here and i have read and watched a lot of stuff around here while doing my research for building my own PC. Here is a quick summary and further down will be all the details. -This will be the first time i build one myself and it is also my first desktop. All the details about my build and general needs are below, i already got most of the parts but due to price changes my original budget for CPU Cooler and Storage is not as good as i originally thought. -So now i am looking for suggestions regarding CPU Stock Cooler vs Other Coolers and if an ADATA X