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  1. Does any of that mean one is better than the other?
  2. Whats the difference between 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1?
  3. You know more about it than me, just trying to find the best bang for the buck.
  4. I'm kind of new to the audiophile side of things, is 5.1 good enough - or should I try to reach for the 7.1 my dolby atmos my TV can handle?
  5. I've been searching around for a proper sound set-up for my 65' LG C9. Recently watching the video with Linus and Anthony they mentioned the Sonos Arc and the Samsung Q90R. Rtings also has the Q90R rated as the best sound setup. I'm looking for some recommendations in case this is not the case. I live in Chicago, I'd like to stay under $1k USD.
  6. While people generally hate soundbars, cheaper sound bars for good options for those on a budget. Some people want tech but cannot pay for the experience of the higher end products.
  7. Yeah, I've used that plenty of times - I probably should have been more specific. I love their PC Component recommendations, but i'm talking other technology as well.
  8. LTT has been a big source of my tech information going back years. When I'm in the market to buy new products, I search to see what videos the team has made on the subject to get unbiased information. Recently, i've been searching for a good speaker or sound bar setup for my LG c9 65', and was thinking about Samsung Q90R. I was wondering if LTT could start a recommendation list or a "Tier list" of products easily available on the site? Like which of the products are your favorite, which are the best, which are the budget, etc etc