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    Melbourne, Australia


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    Asus Prime Z270-AR
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    16GB @ 2133MHz
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    Asus GTX 1080 Turbo
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    Silverstone GD08 (VR HTPC)
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    Samsung NVMe 960 Evo
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    Corsair CS650M 80+ Gold
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  1. Interesting! That SNES setup would be ideal with the Arduino. And I could probably program my Harmony Elite remote to control the RGB settings he uses on that shitty remote. Cheers Dude
  2. Yeah an Arduino is an option I'll consider if I can't find something more off the shelf. I will be mounting a Rasberry Pi in there actually - do you know of any RGB products that work on those? In terms of other RGB probably just going to have a small 5V LED strip that will connect to the HTPC (not the UnRaid Server) and light up the radio dial section. The HTPC won't be always on though, so really need the Magic Eye to be powered and/or managed by the UnRaid machine.
  3. Hi all, As a general rule I'm not really one for RGB in my rigs, but this very unique build definitely needs some subtle RGB love and your advice or suggestions would be hugely appreciated. So I'm currently building an UnRaid Server and separate HTPC rig for living room VR/TV duties inside a1930's timber console radio. The radio has what is known as a "Magic Eye", which is a small glass tube (light bulb) that used to light up green when a user received a strong signal while manually tuning into radio stations using the dials on the front. I would like to recreate the green mag
  4. You mean the 3600MHz sticks? That aside I guess I'm just surprised the kit seems to work so well while not being on the QVL list. But I'm far from an expert so thought this post might help out.
  5. Hi all, So recently grabbed this board for a great price, and picked up a Corsair 3600Mhz kit of memory that I later realised is not listed in the QVL for this board. It seems to perform fine though - I have the XMP 2 profile working, and 3DMark TimeSpy results are slightly better than a 3200Mhz Kit I borrowed from a friend that is on the QVL list. Currently using an R5 1600 but planning on throwing in a new 5000 series CPU once the b450 BIOS is released next year. I have read in many places that I should avoid non QVL memory on Ryzen, but doesn't seem to be the case here. Sho
  6. Awesome, thanks for the help. Nice to hear that what I thought was the case is also actually the case!
  7. I didn't actually swap out the cooler, just cleaned out dust from fan blades and heat sink, then reassembled. Also using a different power supply today, so can rule out any issues relating to that.
  8. I did re-paste - just used what I had on hand - which is Arctic Silver 5
  9. Hi all, I have a reasonable amount of experience building PC's, but this is the first time I've torn down a GPU for any reason. I took apart my blower style ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo so that I could clean the fan and heat-sink after three years of steady use. Here is my build: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/ryansmission/saved/2N3RGX To do the tear down I followed a YouTube tutorial specific to this GPU (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kjHlEibCkE), and the process seemed to go well. (Note that I only used this video to get the PCB apart from the cooler/shroud, not to disassemble the en
  10. I thought it would be but just wanted to double check. Having now calculated the Amps for the stock fan, can I also double check that the differences between the two fans in this area won't matter. Noctua fan = 12V, 0.84W, 0.07A Stock fan = 12V, 2.0W, 0.16A
  11. Hi all, recently purchased this 5x 3.5" drive bay for a very unusual NAS server build inside of a 1930's timber cabinet radio. https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=885&area=en The unit comes with an 80mm fan at the back that provides airflow to the drives inside, and sadly it sounds like a jet engine. So I thought I could just swap it out with an old 3-pin Noctua fan I have lying around. Upon removing the stock fan I realised it has a smaller than normal 3-pin connector, so the noctua fan cannot be plugged in to the smaller header available. Can I jus
  12. Meshify C owner here - Gamers Nexus in their case review found that having 2x120mm as front intakes had a significant impact on GPU thermals compared to the stock single fan orientated toward the CPU only. I can completely confirm this in my experience too.
  13. Hi all, Very frsutrated to have to ask what seems like such a simple modding question, but Dr Google is getting me no where. I'm planning a sleeper PC build in an antique timber radio, and for the life of me cannot find the name of whatever the fitting is that I would embed/fix into the wood, to then screw the Mobo standoff into. If anyone can tell me what on Earth this is called and where I might be able to order some, along with different length standoffs, and of course matching screws that would then fix the mobo to the standoffs (as per normal builds), I would be forever