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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses! Seems like QLED is the safer choice for me.
  2. Hello, I’m moving into a new place and looking to buy a TV. I’ve been on the fence between which technology would be right for my use-case. My use-case The TV will be in a small condo, so the environment will definitely be a mixed use room. I don’t watch movies/ shows in pitch dark that often (but will occasionally). Most of the time I’ll watch during the day or have some lights on. Content wise, it’ll be mostly sports and Netflix. I don’t own a console, so likely will not be gaming on this TV. The TV will sit pretty much beside a big window (floor to
  3. Hello, I recently bought another pair of Corsair RGB Pro (2x8gb) 3200mhz 16-18-18-36 to go along with my existing sticks which are the same model, timing and frequency. However, I noticed that there is a difference in version between the new pair I got vs my existing pair. The sticks I’m current using are version 4.32 and the new ones I bought are 5.22. I bought my existing ram about a year ago. I did some research into this and found that my old ones (ver 4.32) are using Samsung chips while the new ones (ver 5.22) use Hynix chips. Will the new pair work with
  4. Yes, I've seen those reviews which is how I found out those two were the best. I was looking to see if the G27Q was a still a decent monitor and if it is worth getting over the LG and Dell considering the price.
  5. Hello, I've been shopping for a monitor for awhile now and I've narrowed my options down to about 3. In terms of outright performance, I think the LG 27GL850 and Dell S2721DGF are amongst the best for 1440p ~144hz IPS monitors based on the reviews I've seen. However, at full price of ~$700 CAD, it's a bit beyond my budget. Recently, I've seen a sale for the Gigabyte G27Q IPS (not be be confused with the G27CQ) for $420 CAD at various stores, making it a very tempting price point for me. My dilemma is if I should just get the G27Q? In the past I've heard the dell has be
  6. Thanks for this! it was helpful . So I guess I should keep an eye out for some newer Samsung VA panels and be more open to IPS panels as they might fit my need. I'll check out Hardware Unboxed to see if there's a specific monitor that seems to fit my needs.
  7. I did that and I got a few choices. But just based on specs alone, it's hard to see which one actually produces great colours. I'm also quite confused on the whole IPS vs VA. Some people say IPS is more colour accurate, and VA is has the best contrast/ vibrant colours? If I want something with great colour and contrast to have a great movie viewing experience, should I be looking at IPS or VA?
  8. Hello, I'm planning on getting a new monitor, but there seems to be so many on the market and I'm not sure how much I can trust specifications such as contrast ratio. Therefore, I thought I'd get the opinions of others who have much better knowledge of monitors than I do. I'm not in a rush, but I just want to be aware of a few models that would suit my needs so I can keep an eye out for sales. Below are my preferences/ constraints: Preferences 1) My number 1 priority is vibrant colours/ high contrast. After doing some research, I believe a VA panels are most suitab
  9. Just wanted to give an update on this issue. So it turns out it wasn't the vertical gpu riser cable as I experienced a crash again even when the GPU was installed directly into the motherboard. I believe the real culprit is the PSU extension cables that I was using. When I plugged my PSU directly into the GPU, I was able to game for 2 hours with no problems. Right after, I re-attached an extension cable (a spare one that is different from the one that I previously used) and I crashed in about 10 minutes. Now, I know my power supply is getting old, but I find it odd how it works pe
  10. Nope, it goes over the RAM sticks. After I upgrade I’ll only have 2 sticks so there will be more clearance. I just felt a bit of tension on the tubing and the 90 degree fitting on the pump. Wasn’t sure if that was okay for longevity. Also not sure what’s wrong with the video. I’m able to see it in my page, but I’m not sure if that’s just because it’s my video.
  11. Hello, I just got my first AIO cooler which is a Corsair H60. I installed it into my case and was wondering if one of the tubes are too stretched. Please see the pictures below. Also excuse the ancient motherboard, upgrade is on its way. Thanks in advance! IMG_8203.MOV
  12. Update: So I installed the GPU directly into the motherboard and did another run of Unigine Heaven. After 2 hours it didn't crash and temps stayed at 65 degrees. So it seems like the issue is the vertical GPU riser cable? I'm not sure what about the riser cable could've caused this. I would assume if the cable was defective, I wouldn't even be able to get a display from the GPU. But the fact that I can still run Unigine Heaven but just for a limited time confuses me. Does anyone know why/ how the cable caused this? I do really like the look of a vertically mounted GPU,
  13. I think I know the video you’re talking about. In that one his PC keeps restarting by itself. But for me, the PC will stay on forever but it will just not display anything and the GPU fans ramp up to max. I always have to manually shut it down. I Don’t have a power supply on hand to swap out to do additional testing, but I feel like if it was a PSU issue it would restart itself? I could be wrong.
  14. I see, that makes sense. I actually bought this card off of someone, and he says he has never had these issues. We’ve kinda became friends during the process and keep in touch so I don’t think he’s lying to me. He also is just a casual gamer and never ran any benchmarks so it could be what you’re saying and I wouldn’t see these problems in game. Anyways, thanks for the help!