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  1. I haven’t played any games on this pc for a while so I updated it and went to play gta5, the screen went black then static than black and so on over and over. I’ve tried it on all my games and it still has this issue, but only in games. I’ve rolled back on the gpu update and reinstalled it, everything else is up to date, system file checker don’t find anything and chkdsk hasn’t fixed it. It’s never done this before I don’t understand why. Anyone have the same issue or tips? 62822634167__F4E7D0F4-3661-41CF-B132-E6AD25365A06.MOV
  2. In rainbow six siege I get 140-144 FPS, when v sync is turned off I get tearing. Some people say you can’t have tearing at such high frame rates but... I am. When I turn on v sync I do not get any tearing but I wonder if my frame rate is capped at a lower frame rate than is being shown on the RTSS overlay. I also have a g sync compatible monitor with g sync turned on. I have heard that setting your refresh rate to 120hz is better because v sync can work better with it as it works in “generations” “if you will” such as 30 fps and 60fps and possibly 90 and 120 but i don’t know. Can anyone provid
  3. Thanks for the advise I’ll work on that and update the post if it works out.
  4. So I have a motherboard with 5 aux inputs, pink for the mic respectively. Black for the rear audio, orange for the center and front, and green for the front audio. As it is now I have a soundbar with 2.0 audio and 2 speakers and a sub, when connected into their specific ports I can’t find them in the pop up audio setting on windows. The 3 audio is my tv and 2 Realtek audio devices, both powered on but when clicking the button to play the windows ding no sound is made. There’s nothing I can find In my bios about audio apart from a choice of hd audio and ac97. Some of the cords are using an rca
  5. Yeah that’s what i though it did and now with having it disabled I don’t really notice any difference in performance so it’s probably best to be left on in my case. Thanks for the help though!
  6. Ahh I thought that might have had something to do with it, I’ve gotten mixed reviews on how it affects gaming. Would you happen to have any experience with it?
  7. I forgot to mention that my cpu is an i7 4770 (non K) and my mobo is an asus maximus vii hero.
  8. I I’m getting about 7-12% usage in “idle” but as it’s a locked chip the base clock is 3.4G but I have turbo boost enabled and am getting 3.8G while idle. Speedstep is turned off. Basically since I have a locked processor all of the “overclocking” features are confusing. Let me explain, some settings say that they should be disabled when overclocking. But as it’s only an intel turbo boost “overclock” is that considered overclocking and therefore those features should be disabled? The power usage isn’t really a problem but why waste power right? I’ve included some photos I hope will help. And if
  9. I think I saw this one but it just never crossed my mind, thanks for sharing it!
  10. From a quick search it looks like it’s only for the k processor and possibly newer locked models but thanks I’ll keep that in mind when I eventually get an unlocked cpu.
  11. I believe my mobo has some of those features, I’m just not very well versed on how and what they do.
  12. Ahh that’s a shame, I guess intel turbo boost is all I’ve really got in the pocket then huh?
  13. I really only got into PCs about 2 years ago but man does it sounds like the golden days.
  14. Does anyone know of any ways to improve performance on locked intel CPU’s? Preferably if they apply to lga1150 and the i7 4770 (non K). I’d love to have a better cpu and not have to try to squeeze every drop of performance I can get out of it but i guess it’s just the way she goes boys. I’ve been a pc gamer for coming on 2 years now but not very well versed on the nitty gritty of overclocking and such. So don’t expect me to know what ratios and blck clocks are or anything lol. Any input will be greatly appreciated.