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  1. Hello!


    I need some help, i'm looking to buy these fans. I'm on a bit of a budget but i do want some RGB fans. Everything looks good and i would be intrested in purchasing these fans.



    The only catch is that the supplied rgb/fan controller uses pwm from the CPU fan header. My fans will ramp up if my CPU gets hot, but what about my graphics card? My GPU could be at 70C but my cpu only at 50c and my fans wouldn't ramp up to keep the GPU temps down. Right? How would i go around that? 


    Also how would my CPU cooler fan know how hot my CPU is if i have to plug the controller into my CPU fan header? The cpu fan would just need to be plugged into a normal fan header. Could i just use a fan spliter and just connect it to one CPU fan header and then all my case fans and CPU fan would be working together?


    I know it seems confusing, i'm trying to explain the best i can, i will anwser any questions to help make it less confusing.


    As always, Thanks for all the help :)

  2. 49 minutes ago, jsugarman2005 said:

    I had one of their SMART units (They are notoriously not the best) and it failed in my system. Thankfully, all of the parts were ok except for the RGB controller. It may have just been a problem with my specific unit, but if you feel safe getting one, don't let me get in your way.

    I've heard that a lot of thermaltakes power supply units have failed. But it's only certain series. Sorry that happened. 

  3. Hello!


    I'm looking to pick up a new 750 watt power supply, i wanted 750 watt to future proof myself for upgrading. Though i don't know what one to pick.


    Both are about the same prices in canada, both 750 watts. Thermaltake seems to have better ripple protection and voltage fluctuations, and maybe a little bit nicer of cables. But corsair seems to be very quiet and maybe has some cleaner power? 


    What one should i go for? I feel like Thermaltake gives me more features for my money and more steady power then corsair.


    Thanks :)



  4. Hello! 


    So recently I bought a new power bank and some other devices for school. And I'm wondering if my samsung charger would ruin my battery on my headphones. 


    My headphones are the Sennheiser BT450, it says they can take 5v at 500mA max.


    From what I saw online and was reading. So far my thoughts are no my charger wont damage it. But I might be wrong and want to make sure. The charger is a 25watt fast charger from samsung. With the usb type c connector on it. 


    If the charger wont damage the headphones. Could you explain why? And how it knows how much to charge without destroying the battery? Just so I can educate myself. 




  5. 1 hour ago, BobVonBob said:

    Not sure, it depends on the DAC used in each. My bet would be on the motherboard DAC (AUX) being better, but that will also get sent through your motherboard's amplifier before going to the speakers which might degrade the sound quality. If you have the option try both and see what you like better, or even if any difference is there at all.

    So is that really the only differences? I did so much research about this subject and nothing described it so simply. It was always "optical has different bitrates and you need a special decoder" and all that. And most people say that optical is used for consoles. But consoles also have aux. So why is optical apparently always used for console if they have aux to? 


    Sorry for all the questions. I honestly am so thankful for you're help. I've been trying to figure this out for like 2 days now and found nothing! 

  6. 1 minute ago, BobVonBob said:

    AUX and optical transmit different signals, AUX transmits analog audio, optical transmits digital audio.


    If you use an AUX cable, the speakers will use the DAC (digital to analog converter) built into your motherboard, if you use an optical cable the speakers will use the DAC built into your speakers.

    Alright so what would be better in terms of sound quailty?

  7. Hello!


    I'm in need of some infomation, basically i wanted to upgrade to the logitech z625 2.1 computer speakers, i have the z506's and use them in a 3.1 setup, they sound great and work great. Had them for probably over 4 years now and they have yet to fail me. I am currently using an aux cable to connect to my motherboard.


    Basically the z625 has an optical port, my question is. Should i set them up on my computer with an optical cable going to my motherboard? Or an Aux cable? what is the difference? My motherboard has a optical port for sound, but some forums say its for consoles only. Well if its for consoles only why does my motherboard have one? 


    My motherboard is the msi gaming 970, i have the realtek audio drivers and everything is fully updated and all audio drivers are working great! Under the spec sheet for my motherboard this is all it has for audio, hopefully this helps! The main reason i wanna go from a 3.1 to a 2.1, is because my center channel acts like another speaker, my driver has no clue that its a center speaker, and when i set it up in TRUE 3.1 mode, it basically doesnt work unless the game/movie/music im playing/watching is built for 3.1 or whatever, it honestly sounds better to have it just act as another speaker. The z625 is much much louder for the speakers are thx certifed, they should be great for gaming and music! (Prove me if i am wrong please :))



    • Realtek® ALC1150 Codec
    - 7.1-Channel High Definition Audio
    - Supports S/PDIF output