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    I'm forced to hang out with band kids during 4th period because I'm not allowed to leave during lunch
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    Retail 🙂👍


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    Phenom ii x4 840T
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    Msi gaming 970
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    16GB ddr3 1800mhz
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    Sapphire 590 50th special edition
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    Black tempered glass Meshify C
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    240GB main SSD
    240GB Game SSD
    2TB Hard Drive
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    750watts 80+ Bronze EVGA
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    27" 1080p 75hz Acer Monitor
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    5 RGB anidees RGB fans
    Hyper 212 black edition CPU cooler
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Razer Basilisk
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    Logitech z506
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    Windows 10
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    Dell XPS 9730 13"
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    Samsung Galaxy a70

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  1. So today I bought a corsair rm850x 2021 power supply, with a kit of uphere sleeved cable extensions. After getting everything hooked up. I'm noticing that my cinebench scores are 20-30 points lower then before. (On r15) and my geek bench score was like 100 less. I'm thinking this is just possibly because benchmark scores can vary, depending on what windows is doing, but I wanted to double check.
  2. So, i think its about time to replace my like 15 year old PSU, i got some extra cash this month and want to get a decent PSU to last me another while. I know 850watts might seem overkill, but i might be thinking of upgrading to a newer ryzen platform later on and want to make sure i got lots of headroom. Best buy has Corsair rm850x's in stock, 179$ CAD. The 2021 versions, and i did some research and they seem pretty damn good and realiable. But i've also been looking at seasonic and they are a bit more expensive. Should i stick with the corsair brand? Or sh
  3. Hello I'm thinking of picking up this complete set up for a home theater setup (https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01FWRZR94?tag=camelcasearches-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&language=en_CA) I can save a bit of money buying the package then buying them separately. Each speaker seems to be rated for 100-145watts max. And I've been looking around for some receivers, I know some people recommend going with a system were I get a pre-amp, amp, etc. But I'd rather just 1 box that can do it all. I found this one on amazon and took a look at some reviews, I love all the features a
  4. Hello :*) I'm looking to upgrade to a x570 board with a ryzen 5 5600x. I wanna be able to use the pcie gen 4 slot for my main windows boot drive. I like to keep 1 specific drive as my boot drive no matter how fast it is. I found a 500gb pcie gen 4 nvme ssd i would like to use, price is not too bad. But if i'm going all out i'd like to also get rid of my hard drive. I've never used over 1.5tb of storage in games, but i've used around 1tb. The issue, is the prices for 2tb nvme ssd (second slot) is unbelieveable. I would like to stay away from sata ssd because less wires an
  5. Hello! I need some help, i'm looking to buy these fans. I'm on a bit of a budget but i do want some RGB fans. Everything looks good and i would be intrested in purchasing these fans. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07X6Q138G/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2SKLYQ83LYZE7&psc=1 The only catch is that the supplied rgb/fan controller uses pwm from the CPU fan header. My fans will ramp up if my CPU gets hot, but what about my graphics card? My GPU could be at 70C but my cpu only at 50c and my fans wouldn't ramp up to keep the GPU temps down. Right? How would i go arou
  6. I've heard that a lot of thermaltakes power supply units have failed. But it's only certain series. Sorry that happened.
  7. Why would you say that? I'm not saying your wrong. I just wanna people opinion it. :)
  8. Hello! I'm looking to pick up a new 750 watt power supply, i wanted 750 watt to future proof myself for upgrading. Though i don't know what one to pick. Both are about the same prices in canada, both 750 watts. Thermaltake seems to have better ripple protection and voltage fluctuations, and maybe a little bit nicer of cables. But corsair seems to be very quiet and maybe has some cleaner power? What one should i go for? I feel like Thermaltake gives me more features for my money and more steady power then corsair. Thanks :)
  9. Hello! So recently I bought a new power bank and some other devices for school. And I'm wondering if my samsung charger would ruin my battery on my headphones. My headphones are the Sennheiser BT450, it says they can take 5v at 500mA max. From what I saw online and was reading. So far my thoughts are no my charger wont damage it. But I might be wrong and want to make sure. The charger is a 25watt fast charger from samsung. With the usb type c connector on it. If the charger wont damage the headphones. Could you explain why? And how it knows ho
  10. So is that really the only differences? I did so much research about this subject and nothing described it so simply. It was always "optical has different bitrates and you need a special decoder" and all that. And most people say that optical is used for consoles. But consoles also have aux. So why is optical apparently always used for console if they have aux to? Sorry for all the questions. I honestly am so thankful for you're help. I've been trying to figure this out for like 2 days now and found nothing!
  11. Alright so what would be better in terms of sound quailty?
  12. Hello! I'm in need of some infomation, basically i wanted to upgrade to the logitech z625 2.1 computer speakers, i have the z506's and use them in a 3.1 setup, they sound great and work great. Had them for probably over 4 years now and they have yet to fail me. I am currently using an aux cable to connect to my motherboard. Basically the z625 has an optical port, my question is. Should i set them up on my computer with an optical cable going to my motherboard? Or an Aux cable? what is the difference? My motherboard has a optical port for sound, but some forums say its f