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  1. yup just updated my drivers!! Also this is my laptop model, but im still not sure which gpu i should buy for my egpu!
  2. Its not, i just downloaded hwmonitor and the temps were good, but right not im not playing anything, however i do know when i am playing games. My laptop is so hot that it starts to burn my legs !
  3. im not sure!! i dont know where to check that!
  4. Hello!! I got a HP spectre 360 for Christmas, that has a Nvidia PhysX GeForce gtx 1650. Which is great for a non gaming laptop. However I bought my laptop because it was an Ultrabook that was capable of gaming. But for some reason im only getting 60 fps in valorant ( but I'm not sure if that's good or bad!! But it lags so badly) Besides since I'm a student going off to college in the next year, I didn't think it was wise to buy a $1000 gaming pc. So i was considering buying a egpu, the only thing is im not sure which graphics card to buy!! I know I definitely can't buy a gpu over $200. and