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  1. That's excellent. I'll check them out and consider these as contenders. Thanks, man
  2. Super. I'll look around and see what I can find. Thanks
  3. Like a 5th gen i5 or somewhere around there?
  4. Looking for new ones on Amazon, Newegg, Facebook Marketplace. Browsing wherever True, the thing is that there's no 10 year old machine available and I would like to give this new machine that "10 year old machine" status in the future. Lets give it a budget of $300 for the system. I'd rather go new so that it lives on for a while.
  5. PC will be used for home office work (i.e. editing documents, accessing email, web browsing for images/videos/articles, etc.) and I realize building something "simple" will be a lot better, cheaper and more fun than getting some pre-built from Best Buy. No real "budget" per se since it can be a simple machine, and I already have pretty acceptable peripherals (case, monitor, mouse, and keyboard). What I need help with: 1.- CPU: AMD Athlon 300G 2-core, 4-Thread OR AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core, 4-Threads ......... +/- $40 difference between the two. These are the ones I