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  1. I know android supports multiple users, but is there a way to designate a profile being the startup profile aside from the owner?
  2. So the other day I decided to go over my account and update it. I removed my old cell phone number and when I went to add my new number, it said the phone number is invalid. I use Cricket Wireless and have had my number for years. I gave up on it and didn't think much of it until i logged into Wow and was missing 4 backpack spots. You get the extra spots for having the blizzard authenticator and sms authentication. I decided to open up a ticket which was pointless in the end. Does anyone have any pull with them to make some changes or get their attention? I'm not alone in the forums wit
  3. I've had this case for a couple years now. DIYPC Vanguard V6 i have attached the fan controller to this thread. I'm rather new to all of this fan controller stuff. The only way i can see to control the fan speeds is by the button on the controller, slow and not much faster than slow The attached fans have 6 pin cables but i see two connections that are four pin. Is there anyway to have more control over the speeds aside from getting a new set up?
  4. Oh wow! hahaha yeah totally didn't mean to type that.
  5. Yeah it was fun and certainly brought more life to it. It's way more usable.
  6. Right. About the only benefit would be a better LAN chipset and USB 3.0 and maybe faster SATA connection as this rig seems bottlenecked?
  7. Hello tech gods! So my grandma is starting to see her last days and is in that mood of giving things away. She gave me her HP pc for my kids. It was kinda crappy for her and gave myself headaches when I had to get her out of jam. It was just a crap computer with 4GB ram. I kept telling her to not just carelessly clink links and download stuff. HP model and Motherboard To get on with it, I had to bring it more life. Documentation was limited on the interwebz with this mobo but through searches, it was almost certain it would take 16GB memory so I took the