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  1. My PC was working perfectly fine until I wanted to help a friend of mine. His PC was not turning on at all. It would only light up for a short period and then turn off again. I offered him my help. We connected his MoBo and with the PSU of my parent´s PC and tried to turn it on. It lit up for a short period and then shut down. Afterwards nothing was turning on. My friend´s and parent´s PC were both dead. My friend´s PC was not turning on anymore not even for a short period. My parent´s PC would turn on but it just has a black screen now. Even the connected M/K do not have power (Numblock and Caps Lock indicator not turning on).

    I wanted t test if the CPU was dead so I put it in my PC which has the same socket (AM4). The PC would not boot at all, same problem. I forgot that the CPU was a newer generation and the BIOS on my MoBo did not support it yet. Thus putting in my old CPU because I wanted to download a newer BIOS and flash it.

    But now windows would end up in a BOSD loop. The furthest I got was the login screen. Things I could check quickly if they are showing up in the BIOS correctly are:

    - right CPU

    - right CPU clock

    - right amount of RAM

    I thought I might have destroyed my Win10 Partition. No big deal everything import is in the cloud or on external drives. I wanted to install Linux and grabbed ubuntu. During the installation I got got his screen. The second screen got me to the live part of the installation but it complety froze. M/K a light up but caps lock is not working. USB Drive is not showing reads or writes.

    For me as a somewhat noob it looks like a hardware failure but I can not determine which part. And how it lead to two dead PCs.