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  1. That's what I plan on doing as soon as my power supply comes in. Was just curious what others thoughts were on my current situation and recommendations on other ones if not.
  2. Thanks for the lovely replies! I was considering picking up the pro 4 since it has more clearance than the d15 and I'm a huge fan of bequiets silent wings fans. I appreciate the help!
  3. I'm rather new to the LTT forums, so excuse me if I format things wrong or don't know if there's a topic already covering this. I recently had to replace my CPU, motherboard and PSU due to an unexpected outage that took my surge protector and a bunch of components with it. Needed to replace the CPU and motherboard ASAP and the only option I had was a 10700 and z490-e gaming. Got a deal on them at a local store thanks to tax free weekend in my state so they were a better offer than a 3700x. My question is, is my dark rock 4 (non pro) capable of cooling it? I won't be able to test until monday a