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  1. Agree
    Belgarionbg got a reaction from NewMaxx in Is my SSD dying?   
    I`m more intrigued why "Power on count" parameter is so high. Is this ssd mounted in a laptop? Also for more readable info switch to this option in CDI options>

    As for the life assessment I`m more inclined to believe Hard Disk Sentinel. Here you can see how different the remaining life is rated

  2. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to imcaspar in LG Gram sent in for repair, data was wiped.   
    That your data gets wiped should be expected when sending a machine in for repair. For security reasons they'll have to do this and to be honest I think it's quite laissez-fair of yourself to not secure erase your stuff before sending it in. Also, you should always keep a backup of your data anyways.
  3. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to BrinkGG in LG Gram sent in for repair, data was wiped.   
    This is incredibly normal. Especially if you had a password on the machine and did not provide it.
    I would also be STUNNED if this was not in their terms and conditions that you agreed to when you sent the laptop in. Every service center I've worked with includes that as standard practice. 
  4. Funny
    Belgarionbg reacted to Theguywhobea in is it bad to unplug my ethernet cable from my PC while it's running   
    A little internet might leak out onto the floor but other than that no you're fine.
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    Belgarionbg reacted to Arika S in Has Linus ever actually given a reason why he wears socks and sandals?   
    probably the reason anyone wears anything. Comfort
  6. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to rice guru in Headphones Audio Quality   
    If wired your phone has a better internal dac/amp than your laptop a pretty common occurrence really
  7. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to Kilrah in Privacy concerns & System Builders   
    No. It's just the bloatware manufacturers install in their Windows image. If you wipe it and do a clean reinstall it's gone.
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    Belgarionbg got a reaction from mcbaes72 in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Merry Christmas to all of you.
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    Belgarionbg reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Unbox Therapy accused of copying PITAKA phone case, copyright abuse & fake giveaways   
    Lee : don't buy iPhones they're costly/i don't like phone cases. 
    Also lew : here's an 11$ case for 45$. I made this. 
  10. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to WereCatf in Paypal Buys Honey   
    Eh, never understood the point with Honey anyways. It's got this distinct smell of an elaborate scam to it.
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    Belgarionbg reacted to gabrielcarvfer in Paypal Buys Honey   
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    Belgarionbg reacted to S w a t s o n in Paypal Buys Honey   
    Annnnd it's gone (uninstalled)
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    Belgarionbg reacted to 3vitor in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    My concern is:
    Is there a possiblitily PIA was already storing users data and this Kape Tech company bought knowin that so they can profit on it..
    I'm completely in the dark here... It's just speculation.
  14. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to DeScruff in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    ... Friiiiiiiig
    I guess there is a lesson to be learned... don't try to save money by buying the larger subscriptions... because too much can happen in 2 years.
  15. Funny
    Belgarionbg reacted to Cyberspirit in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    Welp, I still have a year to go with my PIA license, cool.
    People who moved from NordVPN to PIA probably won't be happy.
  16. Funny
    Belgarionbg reacted to Kenji the Uke in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    I just.. bought a year of PIA.. like two days ago
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    Belgarionbg reacted to rcmaehl in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    Free VPNS are GENERALLY not a good idea
  18. Funny
    Belgarionbg reacted to TechyBen in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    "what were they thinking..."

  19. Informative
    Belgarionbg reacted to Arika S in PIA Acquisition by Kape Technologies   
    Going to post some snippets from the below source that i posted in a previous thread that makes me very weary about how this is going to turn out
    So yeah, Shady as hell parent company, based purely on them now owning PIA, i would not trust PIA to keep your data safe
  20. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to lordoftime79 in What killed my PC? Do Noctua's explode?   
    somethings been spilled in that!!! I repair retro consoles as my main hobby and the amount of Super Nintendos, Atari's and Sega Megadrives with liquid damage that look like that is amazing!!!!
  21. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to porina in What killed my PC? Do Noctua's explode?   
    I'd also suspect environmental factors. I've not seen any heatsink like that.
    If a heatpipe broke the stuff inside would escape and evaporate rapidly so I doubt that is the cause.
  22. Agree
    Belgarionbg reacted to bowrilla in Intel Core i7 4790K Temps?   
    Devils Canyon runs toasty - especially if it's not delidded. 70°C is pretty ok. You want to keep it below 85°C. That's usually seen as the accepted maximum for safe usage. TJunnction though is much higher.
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    Belgarionbg reacted to Bananasplit_00 in Underestimate intel coolers.   
    Well yah, they are ment to be pretty reliable but that doesn't make them any better. They are still loud and shit
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    Belgarionbg got a reaction from Eduard the weeb in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
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    Belgarionbg got a reaction from Jtalk4456 in Anime Club - Heaven Society