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  1. I`m more intrigued why "Power on count" parameter is so high. Is this ssd mounted in a laptop? Also for more readable info switch to this option in CDI options> As for the life assessment I`m more inclined to believe Hard Disk Sentinel. Here you can see how different the remaining life is rated
  2. If you are in need of some laugh watch this
  3. Walking in the toilet seeing this profit? Hey, hi there ;D
  4. sounds like failing heads making thrashing Here http://datacent.com/hard_drive_sounds.php it`s helpful resource for such things
  5. I love this guy, he is so crazy and true to his desires. And here I am - on the other end of the spectrum. You would not be able to tell that I`m deep into anime/hentai/manga/dōjinshi world even if you spend all of your time around me and my stuff.