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  1. alright. Are ram prices down that much though? From what i see on corsairs site its about an average of 150 usd for 32? but u got 16 got 190?
  2. Ok again thank you so much for all of the help
  3. should i look at getting 32 if im planning on maybe streaming games such as mc in the future?
  4. Also 1 last question. How many gb of ram should I be looking at? 8 or 16? or more..?
  5. alright thanks for all the help i will look into those products
  6. no idea what fps. they arent good 1 is just a cheep $120 monitor and the other one is my moms work monitor...
  7. corsair tx650m 2 random 1080p monitors (gonna upgrade peripherals last prob) and only a gtx 950 gonna get a 3070 tho once i have the money and it is back in stock
  8. right now i have a core i5-4590, some weird budget asrack board, and 16 gb of 2600 ddr4
  9. Hello, I am looking to upgrade my pc I have a budget of about $700. I am going to get a ryzen 7, a motherboard, and some new ram if possible. First of all, Is the 3800X worth the $30 more dollars than then 3070X cost? Secondly, Any recommendations for a motherboard that is compatible with those cpus? Also any recommendations for ram? Ty
  10. What wattage would u recommend? And I would like to get into streaming as well as huge mod packs