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  1. Well yeah but i changed thermal paste 7 months ago (It was Arctic MX-4) And it is supposed to last much longer isnt it? And the temperatures are good so i dont see a reason to change it yet. But thanks for reply.
  2. Hi a have an old GTX470. The Stock clock speed is 607MHz but sometimes the card undercocks itself to 405 and stays there even when gaming and it impacts the fps a lot. I have MSI Afternburner to control my fan speed so under heavy load the temps are averaging around 75C. So it is not overheating. Also when i reinstall the drivers it resolves the issue temporarily and restarting the pc does the same. I have not applied any overclock so everything is stock. My only guess is the Windows because i had a shitty power supply before and it was turning off the pc when loading to windows so maybe that
  3. Yeah iam thinking about 600W Seasonic so i will have better quality and headroom for upgrades.
  4. Hi my computer is randomly shutting down. But on like 5th attempt it turns on fine and even under load the pc wont turn off. Yes i know it could be the power supply but then why would it turn off just when loading to windows and not under heavy load. When i turn it on the pc shuts down sometimes after 5s sometimes after more seconds but when it turns off the power led is blinkink and wont stop after i plug it out of the wall. Then a have to plug it back in and try again. I wonder if it is just a shitty power supply or if it is something else.