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  1. Ok, I’ll have a look, thanks again!
  2. That helps a lot, thanks. Do you know if there’s a way that if you have a window open that’s playing something, and you then drag it onto another monitor, the sound automatically comes out through the right speaker?
  3. Hi all, I’ve recently bought a second monitor for my setup and I was going to buy some speakers for it just like my main one. My question is: is there any way for the audio that’s ‘displayed’ on a monitor to come through their respective speakers? So if I have YouTube open on my second monitor, I’d want the audio coming from the speakers plugged into that monitor and if I had Minecraft open on my main monitor, I’d want the audio being outputted through those speakers. It’s a bit difficult for me to explain but I’m just trying to get audio coming from the direction the mon
  4. Hi everyone! I've got an issue with my monitor: it leaves a ghost image of what was previously on the screen for a period of time. Since I'm studying for exams at the moment, I leave PDFs on the screen constantly for long periods of time. When I change the screen to a dark-grey colour, it shows a lighter grey outlining where the PDF was. Fortunately, it slowly fades away when I play a video or game. The monitor is relatively new - 3 to 4 months ago - but I'm concerned if the ghost image will one day become permanent. I have HDR on auto and I was wondering if HDR caus
  5. Hello everyone! I’ve got a weird issue with my new mouse. I’ve recently bought a wired gaming mouse, when I received it and plugged it into my old laptop (more on that below) it worked as intended - nothing wrong at all. But when I plugged it into my new PC it’s inaccurate and the sensitivity is all over the place (again, more on that below). So I’ve been waiting for my PC parts - who would have thought... - to arrive and while I’m waiting, I ordered a new keyboard and mouse. Surprisingly, my 3070 arrived and I put it all together - so I plugged the mouse into my old laptop th
  6. Cheers mate, I’ll give that a shot. If I do lower the voltage will that impact performance?
  7. The game menu is Scrap Mechanic, it has to render a forest in the background
  8. I’ve recently bought parts to build a brand new gaming PC, my problem is that my GPU (RX 5700 XT MSI MECH OC Edition) temperatures (specifically the junction temperatures) seem to rocket to 90 and above degrees: thus, causing the fans to ramp up to max as well. If I’m on the desktop, browsing the web, watching videos, etc (light work) the GPU temps are what they should look like with a light load. I’ve got a few theories to why this might be happening: driver issue or the BIOS needs an update Also, when I’m playing Minecraft, I do see some stutters every now and then but the