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  1. This is what really confused me at first.
  2. @minibois @AbydosOne Thank you so much to both of you guys! I was initially confused about the criteria regarding the calculation of leap years. Turns out it should be divisible by all three numbers (4, 100, 400). I was also worried about nested if else statements, but you just taught me a better way to do it. Much appreciated!
  3. Just started learning some Java in this online course created by the University of Helsinki. There's a small exercise I'm having trouble with. And here's a link to my code - https://pastebin.com/W0MACx1i Here's a screenshot of the exercise. I'll appreciate any kind of help! The problem: when I enter 2012 for example, it says it isn't a leap year, even though it is!
  4. I thought I should change the thermal paste on my laptop and I noticed those, should I update the paste on them too?
  5. I don't understand the purpose of this. It doesn't have an extra screen when it's folded, why would you want to have this? Sure, it takes up less space, but that's meh.
  6. Those are some good tips, and who cares if it's illegal in your state or if your professor won't allow it. Don't tell anyone, and make the most out of it. I never thought about putting the videos through YouTube for subtitles, haha, amazing. Thanks!
  7. Clean desktop. I don't like icons on it.