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  1. yeah i had a original SE, i got the 11 due to this i knew 14 would be the last
  2. i just ordered a 2020 macbook pro i5 and the day after i bought it they started selling new macs on their site kinda disapointed but plan to keep the macbook pro just wondering tho how long will apple continue to support these machines as i still see them selling updated macbook pros with i5's and i7's alongside the M1
  3. it randomly happens not so much anymore it still does rarely but not like it use to and once its in windows 0 problems
  4. i also tried leaving my pc unplugged for 14 hours recently and it didnt do it when i turned it back on so i doubt its the cmos
  5. ya i just got this psu in decemeber and it was fine on my ryzen build. i switched over and it started having this issue its very rare it seems it does maybe once in 2 week period just wanna make sure nothing is dying as i just bought this thing a month ago and it was hella expensive haha temps are pretty normal aswell for drives and cpu,gpu XMP enabled 3200
  6. it shows the motherboard screen idk right after it turns on it shows the brand and whatever then itshuts off sometimes then once it reboots then it loads into windows fine
  7. hasnt happened yet today so im keeping an eye on it
  8. it shows the screen and then it shuts off randomly once its in windows it wont shut off fast boot enabled
  9. I just built this system and sometimes it doesn't like starting up it starts up then shuts off then starts up normal then once it gets into windows then its fine it happens very rarely but I was wondering 1 if its a problem 2 if I can leave me pc on 24/7 and not have any problems with performance or the pc degrading specs i7 10700 2060 super 16gb ram 600w psu
  10. no i didnt get a expensive motherboard i got a b460m got 130 and i didnt have enough for the k it was a an extra 100
  11. cause i have replaced everything else except the cpu and motherbored
  12. well im having problems with my ryzen thats why i want to go back to intel i cant enjoy my games with out lag spiking and stuttering and benchmarks says its normal.
  13. well tbh my 2700x games like ass i constantly get really bad spikes
  14. i have a ryzen 2700x and i just ordered a i7 10700 and a new motherboard and upgraded to a 2060 super aswell recently i havent got the i7 yet im just making sure its worth it
  15. I get lag spikes in minecraft and fortnite. my fps will go from above 60 to below 30. it is not a software problem. i reinstalled windows and nothing changed. its not a software problem i have tried reinstalling windows disableing gamebar resetting bios got a new gpu switching to ethernet instead of wifi my specs are a ryzen 7 2700x gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi 16gb 2933mhz corsair pro rgb ram rtx 2060 super (brand new) 500gb adata nvme ssd (boot drive) 1tb hdd 320gb hdd 120gb adata sp580 ssd
  16. I get lag spikes in minecraft and fortnite. my fps will go from above 60 to below 30 my specs are a ryzen 7 2700x 16gb 2933mhz corsair pro rgb ram rtx 2060 super (brand new)
  17. in games it will go from 120 to 55 then right back to 120 in no time and it kinda causes a spike so i really dont get whats happening its happened on 2 different pc's and i have changed everything now and then like i said it just randomly stops for a day or 2 or a few hours and starts happening again or it will happen for a few weeks like that or a month it kinda depends its been overclocked before but not for long
  18. So i have a risen 7 2700x 16gb 2933(3200mhz) is what i overclock it too 1660ti and i constantly get lag spikes in, fortnite,gta,minecraft and some other games and in those games too i get weird flickering textures, some games like battlefront 2 and fortnite i get really bad shimmering problems and flickering problems i don't ever get bsod and sometimes it doesn't have the stuttering problems then all of a sudden it still does the graphics problems regardless of performance and frame i tested my ram gpu and cpu and all say to be performing as to be expecte
  19. I mean I do smoke green around my pc but I clean it every few months to make sure it’s not gross cause smoke does cause problems
  20. Well it happens in mineceaft and then some games not it’s really wierd. I have a few drivers behind driver it’s not out of date it’s but older but I be have tried many drivers same issue not in all games
  21. i mean i dont get major glitchs just tiny ones sometimes and then my blue screens maybe once every few months and i have looked up error codes and nothing has pointed to gpu i do plan to get a new monitor within a few days because the one i have is almost 9 years old and its overclocled i just hope i dont have to switch back to my spare 1060 3g
  22. so i have a 1660ti and i have had it for about 7 months now and its always been this way so im note sure if its a problem... i have overclocked it once or twice and havent used the overclock for more then a hour or 2 at most while i have had my card it like it has weird stutters like your playing and move then bang one huge stutter then its fine for a minute or less then does it again and even in minecraft before i had a i5 3470 and it had the same problem with the 1060 and so i changed my whole setup and its still doing it what should i do now in games it will go from 120 to 55 then rig
  23. its also paired with a 2700x i forgot to mention
  24. just bought one in December of 2019 and was wondering if its gonna be good for tripple a games for 1080p for the next however many years?