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    I strongly enjoy upgrading and repairing all kinds of PC's!


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  1. Ok, in that case, if an rma is still an option, I would go for that. You can always try getting a new cpu trying that and see if that solves the problem, if it continues, you know its the motherboard. Then maybe you can return the cpu and get something more modern since they are parts from last year. Edit: I said earlier to try using onboard graphics, I forgot the 7900x doesn't have any, sorry lol.
  2. At least a few months. Its going to be a loooooong wait, which sucks. All thanks to the damn covid and scalpers.
  3. Yeah, that would be good. I would choose a 3080 for the gpu though. It would be quite a wait, but its worth it, since you would get all the newest components.
  4. Truly a weird problem, I would try booting the computer with the bare minimum. Just one stick of ram, using onboard graphics. And all bios settings set to default. If that doesn't work, maybe reseating the CPU is worth a shot. Who knows, maybe windows itself is corrupted, even though you cloned windows to another drive, its the same copy, which could be corrupted. Maybe a simple reset or even a clean install might do something if everything else works. EDIT: Hope you find a solution
  5. Both of those builds are very nice. There are some things that should change. Both have a power supply that's just barely big enough. I would suggest going for an 850 watt at least, so in the future upgrading is less of a hassle and cheaper. Who knows how power hungry 4000 series cards might be lol. Anyway, if you do go for the second build, you can just upgrade to 5000 series cpu's when they come out. I would go with the first one (but with a 3080 instead, and a bigger psu), even though the wait is going to be long it would be worth it.
  6. Fr lol, still has a orange flashing light like before, but now it detects the battery at least lol.
  7. LOL, you know what, just now, as you replied, now the battery icon shows 52% plugged in. Maybe its loose idk. Yeah, we can return it, just arrived today. Thanks for your response!
  8. Hello everybody, so we bought a new dell laptop the 7506 2 in 1 model. So I go to turn it on and...nothing. I thought: "maybe the battery is dead." So I plugged in the power adaptor, and it worked. But I soon noticed the laptop did not detect the battery, with a little X over the battery icon. I tried uninstalling the battery driver and restarting, that didn't work. Right now I am doing a bunch of updates, maybe that will help, but probably not. I think I am going to have to force a bios update using CMD, since dell doesn't let you update the bios unless you
  9. That's a pretty sick setup! You should be fine!
  10. You can still make a local account, its just Microsoft makes if difficult. You have to log out, then click on the sign in to a Microsoft account button, and in that menu click you don't have one or something, and they will eventually give you the option to make a local account.
  11. They probably didn't discontinue them bc zen 3 support the 400 series motherboards, but no longer support 300 series, so maybe they need a budget option.
  12. Hi, considering your PC is having graphics issues, have your tried updating or reinstalling your graphics driver? Since you have a processor with integrated graphics, try booting the PC using your CPU's onboard graphics. If you see the issues are gone something related to your GPU is the problem. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a bad cable or connection.
  13. HI, check out MKBHD's video on the XM4's today, he plays an audio sample of how the mics sound during calls on the XM4's it seems that the call audio is just as bad as the XM3's. I have the XM3's and when I need to do voice calls, or want to do some gaming with them I use this mod mic thing.