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  1. R73700x 32gb 3200mhz cl16. Playing mostly destiny 2 1440p high settings
  2. Upgraded from a 1060 to 5700xt. Getting same fps or sometimes lower
  3. Never unpluged the dp from the monitor. Had it with dp on last card
  4. Funny thing it works fine with default bios settings. if i enable docp it just doesn’t wotk.
  5. Just changed my gpu. I uninstalled old drivers and installed new gpu, system posted and everything, installed new drivers. Then I shut down my system. Changed the hdmi cable for display port. Now system wont post and mobo vga led is on.
  6. I already got it to boot with old gpu. For some reason I cant boot in safe mood.
  7. I tried with the clear pins, nothing happened. gonna try taking the battery out
  8. Just got a new Gpu, installed it, wont display with new or old gpu, white vga led on mobo
  9. Is the rx 5700 xt still worth it for 1440p gaming, since getting a 6800 seams impossible .
  10. México, there are some 3070 available but quite expensive (mostly from scalpers). And I really want a 3080 or 6800xt.
  11. So I upgraded mi pc back in September, everything but the gpu (1060 6gb). I was expecting to buy a new gpu, but for obvious I couldn't. I bought a new monitor (1440p 144hz) but the 1060 isn't good enough. I am hearing there won't be good availability of ampere and rdna2 until q1 2021. In my country this is uncertain, could even be more time. So would it be reasonable to buy a rdna or Turing gpu, in the meantime?