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  1. The top photo is the new one I got and the bottom pic is of the two way better guys thanks so much!
  2. Okay thank you so most of my reply’s are saying on the border of too much so I’m going to go buy another and compare them when I get home thank you I’ll be sharing pics later on today and you guys let me know which one I should stay with! Thanks again appreciate the love on this page.
  3. I’ll have to check that out thanks again for your input appreciate you!
  4. I was thinking buying a another one then comparing them both then returning the worse one but honestly do you guys think it’s bad enough to return or it’s not that bad this is my first gaming laptop so I really don’t know
  5. Thanks for the input I paid 1400 for I7 10750h with a rtx 2070 115 watt near perfect deal but screen man it sucks...
  6. Thanks I’ll post more pics when I get off work while gaming so you guys can really see it may be just me not used to it.
  7. Is it really bad to you or should I just keep it what would you do? Just want input
  8. Thanks so much for your input appreciate it yes for 1400 I just want to not notice it as much I know it’s a lottery but I think it’s a bit much compared to others I’ve seen.
  9. Should I return this week old laptop or it ain’t that bad first gaming laptop please help the pic is how it looks in real like bottom left corner I can see when I game destiny 2