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  1. Thanks for this, glad to know someone else is having this problem too - seems to have the LTT forum baffled! Some of the things said on the Reddit thread are interesting - I looked at the link with the Dropbox GitHub when doing some research on it. Not sure how it got there, but it can indeed be used to bruteforce logins. I have only ever had the Honey and Malwarebytes browser extension installed, and don't think it came from there. Very strange...
  2. Here's an interesting one! Just doing a quick spotlight search for something on my Mac, when I saw a file called passwords.txt - I had never created the file, so took a quick look at where it was located. To my surprise, it was in: User Folder > Library > Application Support > Google > Chrome > ZxcvbnData > 1 I went into this folder and found quite a few files, with odd contents and names. One was called 'male_names.txt', another 'surnames.txt', 'us_tv_and_film.txt' and of course passwords.txt, along with a manifest.json The contents of
  3. Thanks very much for this info, and the helpful video. I will see how it goes when the drive is plugged in, and if so, I will make sure to desolder the diodes.
  4. Thanks for this. The PSU wasn't particularly good, it was a very old 250w ASUS OEM one. The drive should be intact though. As you say, the drive shouldn't cause any problems with my system, so I will see what I can do re. data recovery. Thanks for your help.
  5. I have recently acquired an SATA hard drive from an old PC, which does have some data on it. The data on the hard drive is not particularly important, so it wouldn't matter if it could not be recovered. Why I am hesitant to get going on the data recovery, is because of the PCs backstory. A month or so ago, the owner plugged his PC in with the power supply set to the wrong voltage. I am in the UK so the correct voltage is 220-240V but the PSU was set to 110V. This obviously meant that one of the PSUs capacitors blew up. I am really not sure how much of the
  6. I'm in the UK too, and personally, I have had a really good experience with the Crucial BX500 SSD drives. They have a great, fast read/write speed of up to 540mb/s and are very reliable (DRAM cache etc.) Good price too - 1TB available for £82 new from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crucial-BX500-CT1000BX500SSD1-Internal-NAND/dp/B07YD579WM/
  7. Yep, I'll probably get some more RAM - will look at some options, just needs to be max. 1333 and DDR3, so probably the best option. Thanks for your help with this.
  8. Okay, so if I try to upgrade to 8GB (probably 9GB) RAM, and switch back to a hard drive for the game files (just a scenario!), would that mean the stuttering should stop? Tourist Bus says it needs a recommended 6GB of RAM, so hopefully the 9GB would make things better?
  9. There is another HDD in the system, so would I need to clear that one's pagefile?
  10. Thanks for this - do you think it would make it better if I had more RAM in the system, and just left the pagefile as is?
  11. I always keep an eye on my CrystalDisk, especially with HDD's! It's all showing as good, everything is blue and it looks perfectly fine. Screenshots are below:
  12. Specs: Intel Xeon X3430 5GB RAM (I think it should really be 8GB, as original sticks running at 664MHz, max 1333) GTX 1050ti 250GB (C:) HDD drive 120GB (G:) SSD drive
  13. I currently have my installation of Tourist Bus Simulator on my 120GB SSD (G:), but my main, system (C:) drive is a 250GB HDD. It appears to be that when I am playing the game, when I am driving, I experience a FPS drop and frequent freezing of the screen/game. My computer HDD drive is making a loud noise, and the read/write light is on, meaning that the game is read/writing (I have checked in Task Manager, it isn't anything else like updates!) Would anyone happen to know why Tourist Bus is creating activity on my HDD (C:) drive when the game is installed on my G: SSD drive? Could it b
  14. Great, I'll take a look at it, will give it a test and see how I get on. Thanks for the recommendation.
  15. Sounds pretty good to me, just looks like one AV on VirusTotal is showing it to be 'malicious' - probably just a false positive? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/aa1deff9b62b3486f461512b94acdd424560edc674f04dbdab1cca8491ba5e11/detection