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  1. put there is still a probability that linus has the 5600 don't you think so ? and sure AMD will release it sooner or later , it might even be sooner than what we expect .
  2. so it isn't a mistake . well AMD didn't announce anything yet .
  3. ( first plz don't ask about the spilling mistakes because i am writing fast and english isn't my 1st language ) so i build a pc at October and i bought a 500gb HDD from newegg and a SSD . After i build it and downloaded all the drivers and programmes and game i realized that 500 gig is not enough for the stuff i need . So i decided to buy another one . but soon i remmembered having an old laptop in my basement that has another 500 gig HDD . so i went and grabed it from the old laptop and i placed inside my pc and i connected the sata cable and sata power , and i tured on the pc . t
  4. I don't know . I wrote that I am new to overclocking
  5. I tried and I was able to get it to +650 at memory frequency
  6. Wasap there . I was overclocking my gtx 1660 super using msi afterburner and I got shocked by something. I was tuning my gpu core and memory frequency and by mistake i added 640 mhz to the memory clock . But the pc didn't crash! So I did a benchmark and it still didn't crash at all . I am new to overclocking . This is my 2nd time . So I am worried if this is not safe. Plz if u could help I would be thankful.
  7. I Pushed it further. I reached 4.225 ghz all core at 1.225 volts with no craching !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Temp starts hitting more that 87 when I reach to 1.3 volt
  9. Under load my temp after tweaking the fan speed in bios is hitting 79 c and 52 at no load
  10. This is my first time overclocking and I have no idea what is the best settings . I used ryzen master to oc and this when things started getting complicated. I set my speed at 4.125 ghz and my voltage at 1.225 . I don't know WTF happened but it didn't crash !!!!!! I tried cenibench and fur mark to stress my cpu . But IT DIDN'T CRASH !!!! I need help . I don't know WTF is going on .........
  11. Well there is no pb500 . It is p550b . This is first . Second , this psu was released from 120 days ago ...