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  1. I used these utilities to customize the look of Windows: Rainmeter Secure Ux Theme Start Is Back Plus Plus System Transparency You can look for details on the internet ^_^ Yea, this seemed the only option before I posted the issue here. *sigh* I'd have definitely done it if the issue wasn't fixed already. Scanned it; it's clean. I think it was cursed *_* Yeah should've used the quotation marks. I think that what you stated in second paragraph might've happened. And I've t
  2. Yup, tried rebooting. Doesn't work And the other method you mentioned doesn't work either.
  3. So I downloaded this mp4 file, and I was trying to cut and paste it another folder but the progress bar's just stuck at 0% and I'm not getting any kind of error pop-ups. 1) File runs just fine. 2) Can copy and paste it anywhere I want. 3) Can't cut and paste it. 4) Can't delete it. Nothing happens if I try to do so. 5) Can't delete using Shift + Delete. 6) I've tried some cmd commands; They don't work. It appears that Windows can't find the file. Here are some Screenshots. 7) I've tried
  4. Chrome was my default browser and I used it on a regular basis. Of course it used a lot of CPU and RAM. But then I started using Opera GX and made it my default browser. One day I noticed that my CPU usage was 100%. I opened the task manager and found that chrome is using 70% of the CPU and 30% of the RAM. I disabled it in the "start up" section in the Task Manager and also disabled it's background processes. This solved the issue for the time being but when restarted the Laptop, Chrome started in the background after a while; so I uninstalled it. Now it's the same issue with Firefox. Whenever
  5. It's not affecting performance significantly... Just a bit... It's good to know that there's no big damage or harm that can come from it... Thanks
  6. Oh... I guess reboot will surely help... I haven't turned off my PC for 3 days now... Is there anything else I can do?
  7. And no... I can't afford to lose my half downloaded game data
  8. My paged pool size was 5.7 GB when the download was at 5.7 GB... now that the download is at 5.8 GB, paged pool size has also changed to 5.8 GB... Are you sure it's not the cause?
  9. I don't know what to look for but I'm sure you do, so here's a screenshot.
  10. Are these numbers too high? If yes, how can I fix it?
  11. K... I'll see...Thank for the tip