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  1. Summary Employees in an iPhone production facility in India became violent on Saturday, over claims workers are not being paid what they were allegedly promised by Apple assembly partner Wistron. Quotes My thoughts Frankly there isn't much difference between Chinese and Indian factories. People with power and money will continue to treat others like trash. Due to overpopulation and corrupt system, human right mean basically nothing (source: i'm indian). Apple better tighten up those regulations about human rights on India factories or its going to b
  2. Summary WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg is accusing Apple of cutting off the ability to update that app — until or unless he adds in-app purchases so Apple (now a 2 trillion dollar company) can extract its 30 percent cut of the money. Quotes My thoughts Honestly , this is a very bad and desperate move by Apple. I understand that Apple and Epic are mega-corporations and Epic is as evil as Apple. But this Epic lawsuit can force Apple to change polices and help other small companies as well. Sources https://www.theverge.com/2020