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  1. sorry I’m not that good with windows 10 or just PCs in general thanks!
  2. Hello, I am currently trying to restart my pc to update its software. It has said restarting for the past 50 minutes .It is a widows ten laptop with a intel core I5 9th gen and a gtx 1650. Thanks
  3. welp looks like im f***ed but thanks anyways
  4. I purchased a War thunder account off of someone to have fun with, but he said he did not have access to the email but it was fine until yesterday when I tried to login because I needed a code from the email (which I can't log into) and now i need to get in it but i can't. so i was wondering if you guys knew how i can get into it so i can get my account back. (its is also a Hotmail account btw)
  5. wondering the meanings of life