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  1. Hello everyone ,


    So basically I have just finished building my new pc which allows me now to reach 240 fps + easily ( was coming from an I7-920 lol). But I still have an old 60hz ips monitor and looking to refresh this part of my setup aswell. My knowledge of monitors stopped at the point when I bought this one ( aka 7-8 years ago). That's why I am here to seek help.


    I am really lost to be honest. I understand there is no best monitor and basically you are picking your poison. I have gone through a lot of reviews and videos etc but I can't seem to decide. 


    From what I understand tn  panels are still a bit ahead of ips  panels, but I ain't a professional gamer. I am just looking to play overwatch , wow etc. My usage of the computer is mostly gaming and the rest is Word or watching movies.

    It seems recently the ips panels got really better in terms of speed and so I have discovered the alienware  AW2521HF. In the other hand , there is the good old tn panel king (Xl2546).


    My question and worries are that maybe the xl2546 is actually too old and that I would basically buy something that will last maybe 5 or 6 months  before being replace by something way better. Hence my hesitation with the alienware which has the advantage of being an ips panel ( as I'm not gaming all the time) but might not be as responsive/ more blurry than the xl2546.


    What's your opinion on my problem ?


    I am also opened to a third choice if you have something to advise. I rather not wait more than a month before buying the new monitor. Last info , I obviously only use one monitor , buying one tn  and one ips  is not an option.


    Thanks for your help !