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  1. Is just any glass going to be up to the same standard as the smokey tempered glass used in stock pc cases? If you get what I mean? I'm having some troubles explaining it I wouldn't really want to invest the time and the resources into this case if the glass panel isn't going to be right. Would there be any differences between the glass panel used in mainstream gaming pc cases as opposed to if I just asked a business to make a panel?
  2. Who was the cheap manufacturer if you don't mind me asking? Additionally if you do ever want pieces of steel or custom metal things made, usually good to check in with your national bladesmith association. (The U.S has the biggest and best maintained group, and they have members all over the world if you can't find one for your country.) People are usually very friendly and able to make amazing custom things, although prices may be a tad expensive depending on if they are a master smith etc and what type of material you are after.
  3. G'day, I'm new to this forum so hello to everyone! However something I've always wanted to do but never had the chance is to make my own case, I'm experienced with working with metal and am intending to make the case out of exotic materials, either gold embedding/engraving, using my own stainless damascus steel, I'm still not exactly sure what kind of materials I want to use yet (They are just some ideas, so if you guys have any suggestions I'd love to hear them, I also have some experience working with carbon fiber and stabilising wood) I intend to make it small form f