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  1. I tried boot into BIOS still restarting there.. one time i got lucky to restart in safe mode, still restarting too
  2. Hi everyone, So i just finished building my pc, everything going well until windows installation and driver installation. But after that, my pc just restart minutes after i log on. The gpu fans is not spinning after log on windows. I had try to re-plugging all the cables but nothing changed. I have also see the temperature in ryzen master, radeon driver and asrock tuning, all seems fine, when the pc restarting it was on 52 C. I also have uncheck the automatic restart setup in windows, but no error message comes up. However after the pc restarting, the red light from mothe
  3. allright then, thank you! really appreciate your help.
  4. oh gosh, i didn't realize you're also from Indonesia, my bad. about the MoBo is MSI B450-A Pro MAX better than ASRock B450 Pro4 or B450 Steel Legend? this whole pc things is new to me, i only pick what was people are usually using (youtube or else). and isn't the monitor is too overkill with the spec? 144Hz is quite high. and yes, if you could share the links that would be helpful.
  5. okay, i get it. It might be worth the wait, right? but if i'm not considering wait for zen 3, any suggestion on my setup?
  6. yes, thank you, this my first time joining a forum like this. i'm not really sure when the zen 3 will available in my country, i know it will affecting the other price, but not sure wanted to wait that long. you mean the zen 3 price or the 3300X price? if the zen 3, i have no idea, only some rumors. if the 3300X price, it is the same as R5 2600, but the stock is the problem.
  7. Okay i'll take notes on the power supply. SSD with DRAM cache is pretty high in cost, i could only get half of the capacity with the same price here. So clearly off the budget. I have considered buying B550, but again the cost. Do you have suggestion which part should i downgrade for compromising the other parts?
  8. Budget : 1.000 $ US (+/- IDR 15 million) Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming in High-Ultra settings 1080p 60+ fps Other details : will build in September 2020, peripherals also needed, 1 monitor only. Need advice on comparing 2 setup. Not planning any upgrades for 3-4 years. Part List : I'll give you the converted price in Indonesia (more expensive due to tax regulation etc) CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 = $ 199 / Ryzen 5 2600 = $ 136 MoBo: ASRock B450M Steel Legend = $ 105 GPU: Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT = $ 301 / Inno3D