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  1. I just built a new PC, R9 5900x with a watercooled heatsink, 2070 SUPER, 2x16GB 3200 Mhz RAM, 1000W GOLD PSU. I'm getting between 50-60FPS in GTAV with the CPU stuck at 30% and GPU at 10%. All other games are fine aswell as my temps.
  2. Thanks, in the end I picked up an x570 with 2x16 C18 3600Mhz RAM
  3. Yeah I did that, they said email them proof and are taking forever too respond.
  4. Cat5e supports gigabit so that souldn't be a problem.
  5. Just checked my mobo does support gigabit ethernet.
  6. I used Ookla, google speed test, steam download and xbox game pass download. I do not have another cable that long.
  7. I have cat5e ethernet and a very good router on a fibre connection, I don't know what is bottlenecking the speed please help.
  8. I'm going to or atleast try to buy a R9 5900X next week and was wondering what mobo I should get. I was thinking 4 x 8GB DDR4 for RAM and my 2070SUPER I already own. I'd like to future proof if that's possible and have a good ammount of USB 3.0 as I have VR and a keyboard that uses 2 USB. I also use Ethernet so wireless isn't necessary. Thanks
  9. I'm moving soon so with covid delays it may not arrive in time. Anything else I can do?
  10. If it happens I either close the game or leave voice chat and pause Spotify.
  11. It is the stock cooler, the closest place that would sell thermal paste is 5 hours away so is there anything else I can do?
  12. Music and voice chat freezes, I can't hear anything except the game and they cant hear me. I don't know how too check RAM Temps. I have one out fan on the back, I was given more fans but they were too big for my case so I never installed them.
  13. Yeah my cousin built the PC early 2018 so it would've been done then.
  14. It's a stock cooler, I can check the mount but I don't know much about coolers as my cousin helped my build my PC.
  15. I have Malwarebytes Premium that does daily scans so I shouldn't be something like that.
  16. My i5-7500 has been performing very poorly, it idles at 60C and 40% load and bottlenecks so hard in some games discord and spotify will stop working. I've got a 1440p display and a 2070 SUPER with 16GB DDR4. Is the CPU just outdated or is it somthing else.
  17. How big of a jump are we expexting with the 4000s?
  18. How overkill would a 3900 be? Is it worth the wait for 4000 series?
  19. Hello there. Today is my birthday today and I've decided to gift myself a new CPU as my i5-7500 doesn't cut it anymore when paired with my 2070 SUPER and 1440p 165hz display. I'm not sure what too get. I would like to future proof and be able too use my 2070 Super too it's fullest.