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  1. Even though I'm no longer a Unity programmer (moved to Unreal Engine once I got my needs), I can assure the file format that both Unreal and Unity can import are: Sprites/Textures: .JPG files, .PNG files, .TGA files 3D Models; .FBX files, .OBJ files Audio: .WAV files* *IIRC, Unity can import .OGG, but it's best to keep audio files in .WAV and let the engine do the compressing job on build. I leave the file conversion from Flash stuff on yourself. Just know that those file formats above are 100% guaranteed to be working in both Unreal and Unity.
  2. C++ is rather hard, but understanding Blueprint is a good way to go. BP is basically slightly dumbed down (but more straightforward) C++, and most of the syntax commonly used in UE4 are represented in BP. If you can master BP (and have some understanding to C/C++ basics), you could translate your own BPs to C++ by hand without you realising it. There is an option for using Python in scripting department, but most other UE4 devs uses either BP and/or C++ anyway, so expect less collab works and more script conflict and inconsistencies if you're assigned to do so. And if