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  1. Have just put my passkey in again hopefully it makes a difference. thanks cbigfoot.
  2. Agreed. its just a shame it hasn't picked up for the sprint. I'm getting a bum draw most days at the moment folding 24/7
  3. Is anyone else finding production really slow. I was earning about 1000000 points a day but I am now down to about 300000 points if I am lucky.
  4. Lets get this wagon rolling will be good to see the daily avearge points go up, even if it is only for a short period.
  5. I only found out about folding last year and love it, properly addicted. last year I had a 10 year old mac book pro and just scraped the minimum CPU folding. This year I have Upgraded to a 1660ti Ventus OC and I'm flying on the points can't wait for this sprint to start.
  6. Is anyone finding a massive lack in work units? The very second that I post this on the forum my graphics card boots into gear.
  7. I'm going up in the world the 1660 is woprkig wonders 19,722 132,421 RichT 186,741 0 5,745,202 848 1.4 Days
  8. Seems like there is a lack of work units available for CPU at the moment. I'm hoping that there are more soon. (we seem to have dried them all up). ooops. trust our folding month to dry them up. Keep on folding guys.
  9. Hi all the spreadsheet says. Folding name not found. I am here https://stats.foldingathome.org/donor/64023
  10. Thanks. I uninstalled the programs and there was no luck. I had to reset to factory settings and re-install F@H as nothing else would work.
  11. Hi all hopefully this is the right thread. I have a problem running F@H any help would be great. it seems to have frozen in this state. Thanks Guys Rich
  12. Hi Guys I am new here started folding about a week ago (go team LTT) and would like to join the folding month. I don't have much in the way of computing power but every little helps.