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  1. @Eigenvektor oh shoot really? Kinda need discord to play Squad, well I guess I'm using steam voice chat for the time being.
  2. For a few days now my discord is so slow just to load chats but still normal on voice call, seems wasn't a big deal but the problem is the app sometimes won't open and stuck in loading. I don't know exactly what cause it because I didn't mess with any of the settings and mostly just installing games and downloading videos through Free Download Manager. I also keep getting this javascript error notification, I try to uninstall and install it again but it didn't work. Even trying download the app again from discord's website is also slow even though my internet have no problem at all, try contac
  3. Well I have audacity installed but I barely using it. So I have this microphone, fifine 669b for a while now but I never bothered to touch the settings. I'm doing a lot of streaming recently and I notice that my microphone pick up a lot of background noises including my mechanical keyboard which is annoying. So I google how to fix it and one of the solution is to lower the microphone volume, so I lower it to 60 and it work. But it always reset to 100 like randomly.
  4. So my microphone volume keep resetting to 100 even though I already set it up to 60, anyone know what cause this?