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  1. Hey everyone, I'm curious if anyone else has had a problem finding a keyboard that feels heavy enough on the keys that suites them? I have heavy fingers and feel like the mx blues are just a little too light for how i type and play, I am currently using the razor ornata chroma which is a mecha-membrane keyboard and is a little heavier than the mx blues. I would love to see some heavier keys implemented by some bigger manufacturers , not saying they need to make a full line of products but there aren't any that really go beyond the weight of the mx blues. If you have found a keyboard that you l
  2. So currently I am running the ports through my modem, if i get a router and connect it to my modem will the limit that the modem has prevent me from making new ports on the router?
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I'm hoping to find some help with an issue. My router is limiting me to 20 ports forwarded , I'd like to upgrade my router but I can't find information on the new routers about how many ports I can forward through them. I'm looking to find a router that lets me have up to 40 ports, and the max that I would like to spend is $300. If anyone can provide any addition information or links it would be greatly appreciated. The current router I am using is a netgear ac1900.