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  1. I am planning to run ZFS in RAIDZ and I am going to use Freenas as my OS Edit: Thanks for the advice
  2. I am planning to build a nas server with 8 hard drives in it for mass storage. I just wanted to know if I can put 8 non-nas drives together in close proximity or should I buy nas drives instead?
  3. @JoostinOnline na don't worry i did not explain it well in my question. I am not planning to link my gpus in sli or crossfire
  4. @Smit Devrukhkar two in raid 1 and I am planning also raid 10 in the near future
  5. I am planning to upgrade my storage in my storage server and I am just wondering whether or not I should use nas drives or not. My storage server does not run 24/7 and only runs when I am awake, seeing how expensive nas drives are I am just wondering if I should use a non-nas hard drive instead. Can I have some advice on whether or not I need to continue using nas drives or should i buy non-nas drive?
  6. @JoostinOnline I am not planning to use duel gpu for gaming
  7. @svmlegacy so i would presume this would be the same principle according to your advice and the manual if I was going to use duel nvidia gpus in non-sli
  8. I just want to double check my facts here but if I use duel gpu on a Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard. Would it go from pcie x16 to x8/x8?
  9. I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section but I wanted to know if a raid card can be used in a motherboard that does not support raid