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    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    X570 Gaming Edge WIFI
  • RAM
  • GPU
  • Case
    H510 ELITE
  • Storage
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    600 WATT EVGA 80+ BRONZE
  • Display(s)
    SAMSUNG 144HZ 1440P
  • Cooling
    NZXT M22 AIO
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    WINDOWS 10
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  1. 1st monitor - 1440p 32in 144hz 2nd monitor - 23in 1080p 60hz I just bought my second monitor, as streaming without one is not great, so I bought a crappy one for cheap on craigslist, its fine, nothing special. When I open streamlabs and start playing games, my game looks weirdly not smooth, I have msi's monitoring and saw both times my fps is locked at 144fps. But still with the same fps, the game is signifiantly less smooth. This also happens while streaming on discord. Before I had this monitor no problems, game was smooth while streaming in discord or on twitch? when I turn
  2. Hiya, I have a pair of WH100XM3 Headphones, I use them for everyday usages, I use it to game, take it out and about and all that crap. For people who don't know, with wireless headphones, if you want to use your microphone on the headset, you need to use the "hands free" in your audio settings, with that you sacrifice audio quality and stereo sound, Ok, But i don't use my headsets mic, but I have problems, along with my brother with the same headset. So, to use stereo, every program needs to be set to your stereo headset to work, if it is set to handree free, no audio will work. But all my pro
  3. Just wanted to show this to the community. September 14th I got an email responding to my case that my coolers backplate was broken. Just now I received word that they have it in stock, which makes it 4 months at 5 days to get a replacement part. I have a few different nzxt products that I use in my daily life and now I have transferred away from that software and hardware. NZXT Inability to provide support and replacement parts for something that is so simple is absolutely unacceptable, seems like they'd rather lose customers than care for the loyal supporter I used to be. My representa
  4. use differnt usb port, that fixed it for me
  5. Stress tests my brother gets to 50 average and at the very most 60c
  6. So If I understand, idle temps dont matter. I know 85c is fine, but when I buy a 100 water cooler I expect better temps than the one I got with my cpu, thats doesnt seem right, lol
  7. I dont have prime95, it didnt work for me in the past and now, I do have cpu z, and the load temps reach about 85c, which I am not worried about, even though that is high for a liquid cooler
  8. Yes, the minimum processor state is set to 1%, but in the past it doesn't make any difference, in ryzen master, the clock speed idle is 1-2 ghz
  9. thanks but I bought this cooler for reason, and that reason wants to get annoyed by people like you. I would like better temps but like I said, my brother has the same setup, and gets half the temps of me, while im at idle and hes playing minecraft, which is a more cpu utilized game?
  10. Ok, ive looked at some benchmarks 240vs120, and its about 8 degrees difference average, give or take 2 degrees. This is a noticeable but noit what im looking for, my brother has alsmost identical specs, same cpu and gpu and case, but his cpu runs at 37 with a light load.
  11. I understand the first part, but in the second sentence could you explain again? I got specifically the nzxt aio because of 60% looks, 40% cooling, it did make my pc look sexy but the cooling wasn't better.
  12. B550F R5 3600 - NO OC 2070S 600W 80+ B CORSAIR 16G 3600MHZ My r5 3600 idles at 60-65c, only hwinfo open. The pump is it set maximum, I have tried reseating the cooler and re-applying thermal paste multiple times, I am using arctic mx4. Do I have a bad cpu or is it more likely the cooler? Some context, I used to have a hyper 212 evo and also used to use the stock cooler, both of those other coolers had no difference in temperature to my new ish nzxt m22 AIO. When I first put on the cooler, the temps were significantly better for the first few minutes, idle at 37