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  1. Yeah it has a PCIe connector its 6pin. Ill need a 6pin to 8pin to use RX GPUs. So will it work?
  2. I have this power supply Its a HP z230 Proprietary PSU. I currently have i7 4790 + 1sstd+ 1hdd + 2x8gb ram. I wanted to know if i can run RX 470/570/480/580 On this power supply anyone of them. Will it be fine? I plan on building pc from scratch in december / 2021 january. I want a gpu to last me till next year atleast so i can pick up one of the new RTX Cards later at good prices. Any yes or no or reasoning will help wether this PSU is fine and wont blow up my pc as i dont have any money currently. Thanks
  3. As the title says which LGA1150 motherboard would you guys recommend? I have a i7 4790 the motherboard died and im looking to buy another one Don't know which one to get. Any suggestions? I dont plan on overclocking. Im looking for a durable or atleast one which will last me for a few years :/ 2 Rigs died one with a 6th gen i5 and one with a 7th gen i5 in 3years which sucks. So i dont have that much cash and will have to buy a 4th gen mobo