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    i7-2600k (4.3GHz OC)
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    Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3
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    2x 2GB, 2x 8GB1333MHz
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    AMD R9 290
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    Samsung SSD evo 850 500GB
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    1000 watt something
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    Astro A50 Gen 1
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  1. Try a GPU intensive game and the story will be different, I'm sure.
  2. lol I find it weird though since over the summer my entire system would overheat. I had a stock cooler though on my CPU and I broke that after it pissed me off when I reapplied some thermal paste after 10 years lol. Now I have CPU fan that just spins. As for the GPU I'll checkout Furmark, and give an update. EDIT: Just ran furmark for about 17~18 minutes and it reached temps of 82 running at 100% utilization and fans were running at 108%. The gpu utilization wasn't always 100% though it'd bounce between 90 and 100. Maybe it's just your cooler design? Or maybe mine just throttles
  3. I'm running 3DMark stress test on this machine now, so far it won't break 76 degrees according to HWMonitor... I question if that's legit. But my RPMs are in the 2700s and it should be on Default settings. EDIT: Looks like it may have crashed on me after about 10 minutes. EDIT AGAIN: Got a stress test to run without crashing and maxed at 77 degrees while the RPMs were in the 2700s like earlier. It's also around 68 in my home, not sure what your house temp is. My CPU also didn't get hotter than 55 during this test. So Maybe I just have a cooler machine? the it is an old
  4. A little embarrassing been so busy with my new build and holiday stuff I forgot to look, I'm going to set a reminder.
  5. I'll have to look when I get a chance, I too have an R9 290. I don't think I ever reached above 90 on any benchmarking @.@ but seems you figured out a solution so I'll look at my RPMs too. Also mine is by XFX.
  6. I will just assume that no 5mm is not acceptable.
  7. Assuming the PSU size standard doesn't change, I didn't want to be limited to SFX PSUs. There are less options in that category, both by company and by wattage, and are normally significantly more expensive.
  8. As stated in the original post, "I plan on building a PC Desk case" emphasis on PC Desk Case. Reason for the clearance is I'd like to keep the "table width" below 5" since 5" is already pretty damned big. I really like the look of having the intake fan show under the glass. Edit: the Glass will probably be about 3/8"~1/2" wide and the wood on the bottom will probably be around 1/2" wide
  9. So between the PSU (intake on top) & Glass there would be about a 6mm gap.
  10. Does anyone know the minimum clearance you want to have for a PSU? I plan on building a PC Desk case, but I'd only have about 6mm clearance is that enough? I know 10mm would be fine, I'm just not sure about 6mm.
  11. I like to buy my stuff from BB as horrible as that sounds, They still say "Coming Soon" So at least there they haven't released them.
  12. Did you ever get it working? I heard that using a 3.0 you have to install the GPU directly change the MoBo to 3.0 an then thing should be fine. I myself am debating a 3.0 vs 4.0 cable.
  13. Only "4.0" cables I've seen are from LINKUP on amazon, but they don't have a right angle 35cm, anyone know of any others? I'm doing a PC Desk Custom build, but this riser cable is the only questionable part.