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  1. As far as I'm aware, there's usually something written below "iPhone", something like "Designed by Apple in California Made in China". However, I'm neither an iPhone person nor can I really evalutate the legitimacy of an ebay listing.
  2. The pcbs look good so far. One idea I just had is daisy chaining, so you'd only have one usb connection to the pc when using multiple fan controllers. I know, that would require pcb changes, but whatever, just an idea., Edit: I have thought a bit about that whole ui thing again right now and while I think, that WPF is quite good, it is only for windows. However, this project is open source and therefore probably sort of meant to be used on any platform. Java would probably be somthing to think about at that point, or python but I don't really like python. That said, it's
  3. I guess most people don't care at all. Probably because the companies aren't after people who are basically promoting the use of their platform. It probably won't hurt to look it up to be sure, though.
  4. I have an MD 421 for quite some time now and use it with a normal mic stand. Luckily it isn't directly connected to the desk therefore, so I am not too annoyed about not having any sort of shockmount. Nonetheless I have been looking at getting/making one from time to time. And here is the thing: There is no simple, rather cheap solution to this problem, that isn't totally bodged. The "original" can be bought for around 60 bucks, which is quite expensive imo and it would maybe even be an import for me... Off the shelve shockmounts also don't really work because Sennheiser thought
  5. Apple can hide all of that stuff because of their vertical integration. Apple knows, what will be in their devices, and can adapt their system for it. Windows on the other hand only knows, that there will be any x86 computer. While I do think that an OS should be more open than macOS or any mobile OS, I still think a common design language for programmes should be agreed on. And personally, I'd prefer a more compact desktop-like structure instead of a more mobile oriented one, but that's a different topic. It would definitely be an option for Microsoft to create an empty page in the setti
  6. If Overwatch is your only point of reference, it might also be the case that automatic graphic settings changed due to the hardware change and therefore you got worse performance. From experience, I can tell you that OW can rut at over 60 fps with an i5-4440, if you adjust the settings. However, the i5 will definitely be under full load with only the game running.
  7. Well, in this case I wouldn't want companies to market their products as revolutionary advancements in technology...
  8. Apart from the results themselves the testing methodology is a really important part of validating your test. Giving "performance" as a metric is superficial and could litteraly mean anything and doesn't tell anything about the testing methodology. And why should Apple brag with their "revolutionary" drivers, if they couldn't back it up with significant data. It's not like they wouldn't tell us it's revolutionary or whatever. That's just like saying the earth is flat because I can't see the curvature...
  9. *unlabeled graphs... They could've easily shown, that the AirPods have a flat sound signature by displaying the according graph, if nominal level, impedance, frequency response etc. aren't enough... But they didn't. And that shows, where their priorities are, I guess.
  10. Yes, but they on their technical specifications Apple doesn't mention any of the industry standard technical specifications... The only thing we know because of marketing material, is that they have 40mm neodymium drivers. It's the same as with M1. They don't tell you really anything about the product itself. There is actually a slight difference with headphones and cameras, It think. While a camera converts something from the real world to data (photons to .png), headphones do the exact opposite, taking some sort of data and converting it to something from the real world (.wav to pres
  11. Knowing a little bit about headphones and also Apple, I don't expect them to be this revolutionary. For one there's a point of diminishing return, where you pay tons of extra money to get just a slight improvement. For another, Apple didn't publish any real specs. They just say that they are revolutionary. Sounds a lot like marketing bs to me. Why not back it up with stats like frequency response etc.? With the 3.5mm cable it is unclear wheather it is a direct passthrough or if an adc is integrated into the cable. The latter would mean, that there would be a DAC, ADC and another DAC wired
  12. I mean, I don't know who should really want to buy this. A normal person who wants decent sounding wireless ANC headphones? Just buy Bose or Sony. They're cheaper and Apple probably won't be so much better, that the extra money is worth it. A professional who needs reliable good headphones, like people who work in the music or broadcasting industry? Too expensive. Not really reparable apart from the ear pads. Not really compatible with other ecosystems than Apple's own one. That's really a no go for for professional applications, I guess. And if they want wireless, they wil
  13. Cardbord is ok. It doesn't look good, but it doesn't hurt your system either. Just don't use gaffa tape to attach it, since the nasty marks it leaves behind, aren't something you want to have on your PC.