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  1. Hey, would 2666 19cl ram sticks be enough for the 1600AF to work nicely ? Or should I go for a 3200 16cl especially for the long run ? I mean how big would be the difference? Yes I know Ryzen CPUs love ram with low latency high clock. Are all ram sticks "overclockable" do you think I can get more of that cheaper ram ?
  2. Well one thing I learned in the last few months from pc tech YouTubers is that having a 6 cores 12 threads would be better in 2020 forward
  3. We don't have lots of Asrock here. All b450m I saw had 1/2 fan headers. But I did just find a store that has an ASROCK B450M-HDV which has three fan headers.
  4. Hello, I am getting a new CPU and motherboard but there are inconveniences of course... Problems are: + A320m/b450m motherboards I found only have 2 fan headers(CPU+only ONE sys fan) so I have to get a A520m/b550m because they have 3 fan headers... No I can not find any fan splitters in my country.. (I can maybe wait and see if a relative can buy them for me from outside) +I would get a Ryzen 3600 but its price is 85$(230 in my country currency which is equal to 230$ in our economy) higher... While the difference in gaming tests I have seen is only 15-23 FPS or so currently ( I am plan
  5. It's just that it's hard to find the used ram kit/sticks that is perfect for my needs in my country. I have not used this PC for three years.
  6. Thanks for answering. 1. Do you think a cl11 would affect the cl9's own performance even though it's in another single channel ? 2. So the one in the single channel will only affect its own performance i guess ? 3.What if their voltages are different ?
  7. Hello, i am looking to upgrade how much RAM i have in my PC. +Is ram memory timings important for DDR3 ? cl9 vs cl11 for example 1600MHZ +Would adding a 8gb stick with 4x2 instead of having 4x4 affect FPS ? maybe less impact than 4x2 vs 8 alone ? +How do i figure out if RAM sticks are compatible with each other ? I have 2x4gb old kingston hyperx 10th anniversary edition 1600Mhz sticks, will adding one or two ADATA 1600Mhz sticks work out for example ? or maybe 2x4gb 1600Mhz Gskill Ripjaws ?
  8. That's what i thought before, but i don't know how it really happens... Do i have to register my part in the manufacturer's site for example ? (for all parts?)
  9. Alright, thank you. Also i guess you don't know much about the LC POWER i mentioned ? Also there will be FSP psus in stock hopefully, which ones from them would you recommend ? Alright, thanks.
  10. No ion+ here, tx550m is out of budget range here. CX500 not in stock. I guess i should really wait for the next PSUs our stores will bring. Can i ask you about the difference between TX and CX series ? What i mean is that it doesn't seem like the best corsair psu, seems like it's in the same tier as the rest.
  11. I don't know about that, in user reviews it doesn't seem like a formidable psu. I don't live in US, warranties are all 1 year in my country unfortunately... Yeah it sucks, i wouldn't be looking for the best option if i had even a 2 or 3 years warranty
  12. Not in stock unfortunately, i can wait if hopefully they bring more of it. Though in the psu list it's in the same tiers as the rest of the others. There is the v2 version, but i have to check whether any store still has it or not.
  13. Not in stock, there was a "be quiet! 600w SILVER" (not in stock) but i don't know which one it is. It may be the Pure Power 10(or 9 idk), a bit over my budget but i can manage if i really have to IF they bring more of it. My build will be: msi b450m-a pro max--- ryzen 3 3300x--- gtx 1650 super that's why i mentioned 450w-600w range I don't think budget would matter much cause i don't live in US(so prices are not the same) but the limit would be 65$ or even 80$(if i have to) i guess. For the system power9 and build, see above please.
  14. Hey, i am building a new PC and will need a 450w-600w PSU. Yes, i did take a look at the PSU Tier List here. All of these are in the same tiers or so. Currently out of the ones available to me, these two are candidates: LC6560GP3 V2.3 560W (SILVER) and RAIDMAX COBRA 600W AE -V 80+ GOLD The LC power one seems to have all high reviews and i checked few professional reviews and it seems fine. The Raidmax one seems to be the usual psu that gets +4/5 stars user reviews and some 1 star user reviews. (i didn't look into any professionals reviews) Other options availabl